My User Customizable GunLight MOD!

Well, sort of. I basically decided to start small with my modding of Doom3 and found that the Available Gun FlashLight Mods weren't that great in my honest opinion, since they either were two narrow a beam or they modified weapon capacities, in general there is no customization. Customization is key to me, as I am the first to complain about a game that won't let me redefine keys. I don't use WSAD for my movement, I'm number pad bound ( I guess it's a product of linear thinking.)

I would say in the end my primary frustration was that you can never turn the gunlights off. nor could you easily determine which guns had gun lights. Well, no more, since this mod does exactly that. A menu interface allows easy manipulation of which weapons have lights and which don't, as well as a interface selected key binding to toggle the light on or off, for the realism factor (some rooms you just don't want a light). I am not sure if the AlertMonster() affect from the flashlight is processed by the gunlights, but I have many more plans for this mod.


- Pistol has a laser target beam to keep the opening of the game dark and thrilling. - Shotgun, Machinegun, Plasmagun use a high intensity beam, tightly focused. - Chaingun, BFG use a wideangle beam to cover more area (this is because these weapons are not for one-on-one combat in tight spaces). - Updated the Chaingun to carry a 200 round clip and updated the Chaingun GUI to reflect this update accurately. (no more 2-digit ammo count) (Even though I don't like weapon mods too much, a 60 round clip for the chaingun is just idiotic, and with the spin up/down time necessary you might as well use the Machinegun.) - Menu Controlled Bind: Attack/Look menu "Lights On/Off" bind will turn the gun light (and flashlight) on and off. - Menu Controlled Light Activation: this allows you to turn off all gun lights, or just specific weapons as you will to fit your desired level of gaming. - Save/Load: your weapon state will actually be saved, so if the light is on for the Shotgun, but off for the Machinegun, the save/load will reflect this. (NOTE: Though you can load Doom3 Normal Save Games, they will be reset to beginning of level!!!)



Mod Name:  FlufMOD 
Version:   1.0
Author: Jaeden 'Sifo Dyas' al'Raec Ruiner
	aka. Fluffy
email: JaedenRuiner AT wayoftheleaf.net
Compatibility: Doom3 1.3 & ROE
SDK: Version 3
Game DLL: Doom3/Game

  Just extract FlufMod.zip file into the Doom3 directory (not the doom3\base directory) 
using full path names, and load the mod from the Main Menu of Doom3.  
  You can copy your savegame directory to the FlufMod Directory if you choose to 
continue your current games using my mod.  (NOTE: This will restart the current level.)


Issues / Future Updates:
 -RocketLauncher and Chainsaw do not currently obey the flashshader as do the other weapons, 
	so they are currently disabled.  Hope to fix this.
 -Handgrenades cannot have a light since they don't have a flash shader.  However, I hope to 
	update this, so that the flashlight is held in the left hand, not the right hand, so 
	single handed weapons (pistol/handgrenade) can be wielded while using the actual 
 -Laser targeting is off on the pistol.  This is do to the rendering origin of the light and 
	the projectile, both of which foolishly enough are not traced from the barrel of the 
	weapon, but from the center of the player.  Hope to fix this.

 -Hope to actually update the weapon meshes, so as to add an actual "flashlight" model to each 
	weapon, full with beam and flare for MP as well as SP.  If you look at your charater 
	from the front you'll see the beam from the flashlight is not rendered correctly, it 
	only works while in 1st person mode.
 -Hope to Design a way to select the type of light for each weapon, so every gun can have a 
	light, laser or both, and eliminate the targeting reticle for combat, making the 
	weapon idle 'bob' affect the aim more accurately.


©2003 IdSoftware
Doom3(tm) is a registered tradmark of IdSoftware

As Always I retain full intellectual property rights to what I wrote (save whatever rights 
Id has since they created the game) but if anyone wants to use or distribute my Mod, maintain
credit where 'tis due.  

JaedenRuiner AT wayoftheleaf.net
Criticism is most welcome, but try not to be too mean, this is my first attempt ya know.


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