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Fragging Free is a Single-Player mod for Doom3: Resurrection of Evil, that aims to bring the classic gameplay of this great tale to t...


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Fragging Free is a Single-Player mod for Doom3: Resurrection of Evil, that aims to bring the classic gameplay of this great tale to the maximum. With this download, created by the talented and first time D3Files content submitter, Starfir3, promises lots of intense action, along with several other points of interest: New monsters New weapons Advanced AI Power-ups The well-balanced gameplay that is ingrained into this mod will push your skills to their limit! Add the ability to drive a vehicle and to fight as a Demon in a 3rd-person perspective and you get a good idea of what is waiting for you! If you think you have what it takes to see Fragging Free to it's conclusion, then start your download now...better get a coffee while you're waiting, it'll take a few minutes for all 600+ megs to arrive!

Some of the features included in this download are:

  • Frantic gameplay.
  • 10+ big maps filled with lots of secrets and many outdoor sections.
  • 18 weapons.
  • 15 powerups.
  • Demons Possession: fight as a demon in 3rd-person perspective!
  • Bullet Time.
  • New / reworked enemies with smarter AI and new attacks.
  • Friend marines with advanced AI: they can use different weapons, talk and cooperate.
  • Custom Sound Tracks.
  • Vehicles.
  • Medals for special kills and map statistics.

A note from the Developer: "After a long development process that took more than 3 years, the journey has come to the end. It has been a really fun experience and we have no regrets: we added all we wanted to do and all turned out in the best possible way, better than we could imagine at the beginning."

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '' (657.65MB)


Fragging Free ia a Doom3:ROE single-player modification.
Moddb page:

Authors: Ivan_the_B, Starfire

Musics by: Neurological ( )


- make sure you have ROE installed updated to 1.3 or 1.3.1

- make sure there is no custom stuff in "base" and "d3xp" folders. 
  Only default contents should be present.

- unzip this zip file in your D3 folder (not base). 
  A folder named "fraggingfree" and a file named "FraggingFree.bat" will be created.

- v1.3 only: if you are running the 1.3 version, you have to delete the files "gameLinux-131.pk4" and "gameWin-131.pk4" and replace them with the ones you can find in the builds1.3 subfolder.

- RUNNING THE MOD: use the file "FraggingFree.bat" or launch the game with the following parameters: +set fs_game fraggingfree +set fs_game_base d3xp

Seems like that if you are running the Steam version of D3 the .bat file doesn't work. In this case, you have to launch doom3 adding the parameters as stated above.


Hard to say. I'd suggest at least:
-Doom3:ROE v1.3 or v1.3.1
-ATI® Radeon(tm) 9700 or equivalent
-A fast cpu. I'd recommend an Athlon® XP 2500+ processor or higher.

It's probably possible to play it with a slower configuration, but I cannot guarantee a decent frame rate in crowded situations.


- Ultra Quality not supported.


Q: When the game starts loading a map I'm thrown back to mainmenu.
A: Don't load the mod from the mainmenu list. It has to be directly launched as described in the "HOW TO PLAY" section.

Q: I get the error message "Wrong game DLL API version"
A: Check your Doom3 version:
   - If it's 1.3.1 make sure that gameWin-131.pk4 and gameLinux-131.pk4 are present in the "fraggingfree" folder ( gameWin-130.pk4 and gameLinux-130.pk4 should not be there).
   - If it's 1.3 make sure that gameWin-130.pk4 and gameLinux-130.pk4 are present in the "fraggingfree" folder ( gameWin-131.pk4 and gameLinux-131.pk4 should not be there).
   All those files can be found in the "builds" subfolder.


- Play the tutorial the first time.

- Extra ammo and bonuses are always the reward for those who look around and keep their eyes open. :D

- Don't run forward without thinking. Proceed with caution and always reload your weapons.

- Someone says it's hard. I can ensure you that all maps can be completed without being hit once. It just depends on your skills.


Gunman, Gurra300, Hexen Third, NiCkErX, NoSf3rAtU, Relevart

Gyppi, Revility, Obihb, BloodRayne, Zl1corvette, Gw, Evillair, Rsjrv99, Fragger, Insectattack, Comblood, Simulation,


- This archive may be freely distributed as far as the contents are not edited or removed.
- You can use anything from this mod, BUT you cannot release modified unofficial versions of the whole mod.
- You may not include or distribute this mod in any sort of commercial product without permission from the authors.


email address: [email protected]
contact us on our page at

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