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This is the full install of the Frankenstein mod for Doom 3 . I already uploaded the mod in 3 seperate files for users with slow connections...


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This is the full install of the Frankenstein mod for Doom 3 . I already uploaded the mod in 3 seperate files for users with slow connections . Now ive put all 3 files in one big zip so you dont have to download one by one file

If you are having problems runing the mod itself please read the following

This error apears if the user doesnt have the updated game or if the file is corrupted . Because the file was ok and i had the updated game i started to wonder ... Then i talked to mulrich15 ( he works at codfiles ) he told me to run the mod and while in the main menu open the console and type : "map church_of_ruins_dshr ". (you need to be in the main menu of the mod not the original game , and type it withour the quote's)

I hope i helped with the info above . Oh , i musen't forget ; sometimes (when starting the mod this way ) the mod will start in Nightmare mod big grin:D


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Download 'frankenstein_mod_full_instal_1.0.rar' (88.91MB)



Happy Halloween...

This mod began as a personal use mod that contained alot of community content I "frankensteined" together and still retains much of it, but it began to take on a different shape as an idea was born and I breathed new life into it...Frankenstein was born.

Frankenstein Mod is about improving the sounds and visuals in Doom 3 by adding new sounds and skins (as well as enhancing the originals) to weapons and characters. As well as other things that make the graphics really come to life.

I've also retained the Plasma Gun Radar and Advanced Sentry mods but these can be removed by simply deleting the appropriate scripts if you so desire. Fragger's Custom X-Hair is in there as well. Also included is PENTALIGHT (Pentagram Flashlight and Pistol Modification) which I made but it began as 2 separate community mods.


The Map:

The mod comes packed with Church of Ruins (DresdenSinn's Halloween Remix), an altered version of the original (by doodlebob) that I've modified to play more like a glorified haunted house. But you can also use the mod to play all of your favorite custom SP maps.

To Play The Map: After activating the mod from the main menu, bring down the console (Ctrl/Alt/~) and simply type in church_of_ruins_DSHR.



Extract or place the Frankenstein folder inside your main DOOM3 directory (not the base folder). Acivate the mod from the game's main menu screen.

I'm also including my own custom DoomConfig file already inside the folder which may or may not be beneficial, you could at least try it and see. I've given it a read-only extension so it will not be overwritten the next time you start the game but you can change and alter it to your liking. If you experiece problems, just remove it altogether.


Known Issues:

This mod is intended for higher end gfx cards and meant to be played on the Ultra setting with all the bells and whistles turned on. If you have a lower end gfx card, you'll be missing out. Lower end systems may also experience FPS problems on the included map but still should be playable.

On the map:

Sometimes the monster (not to give away which one) has trouble breaking completely through the wall so you have to help him out a little by tapping the bricks with the flashlight, there are items on the other'll see what I mean.

Make sure all the bodies are free and clear of the platform before ascending as they may become wedged during the ascent and prevent the platform from completely rising trapping you and you'll have to start the level over..once again, you'll see what I mean.

Be sure the music is finished playing after the final Boss battle before you approach the character so you can actually hear what I have to say.

Lastly, there are 4 custom PDA's in the game (not including the one you start with), make sure you find them all!



Special Thanks To:

doodlebob:        Church of Ruins
Obi-Wan:          Shambler Model
Fragger:          Weapon/Character/Monster Skins AND Custom X-hair
Xio:              Character/Monster Skins
MWoody:           Plasmagun Radar
Sloanbone:        Advanced Sentry
Brendan Chung:    Barista 3 (used as guide for main menu screen)
Mavis:            Pentagram Flashlight
Oneill:           Enhanced Firepower (Red pistol flashlight only)
eXim Works:       Fists/Hands (Black leather gloves) / Soulcube skin
Captain Obvious:  ShadowWraith
Enthrall:         Rooftop Battle and Final Boss Music

And anyone else I may have forgotten!



As required by the DOOM 3 Limited Use Software License Agreement,
this mod operates only with the Software (but not any demo, test, 
or other version of the Software).  Its contents does not infringe
against any third-party right or is libelous, defamatory,
false, misleading, or otherwise illegal or unlawful.  The mod will
not be downloaded, shipped, transferred, exported, or re exported 
into any country in violation of the United States Export 
Administration Act (or any other law governing such matters) by 
anyone, and one will not utilize and will not authorize anyone to 
utilize the mod in any other manner in violation of any applicable 
law.  The mod shall not be downloaded or otherwise exported or 
re exported into (or to a national or resident of) any country 
to which the United States has embargoed goods or to anyone or 
into any country who/that are prohibited, by applicable law, 
from receiving such property.  People shall not rent, sell, 
lease, lend, offer on a pay-per-play basis, or otherwise commercially 
exploit or commercially distribute the mod.  People are permitted 
to distribute any part of or as a whole without any cost or charge, the mod only to other
end-users so long as such distribution is not infringing against 
any third-party right and otherwise is not illegal or unlawful.


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