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Originally developed by Sevan, Gathered Weapons mod (v1.1) is another of the many mods that Dafama2K7 has stepped up to and ap...


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Originally developed by Sevan, Gathered Weapons mod (v1.1) is another of the many mods that Dafama2K7 has stepped up to and applied his mod-improving-talant to with the result being an awesome gaming experience for the whole Doom III community! If it's a whole new bit of Doom fun you're after, then your in the right place!

The Gathered Weapons mod is a mod that does just what the name suggests; A collection of weapons have been added to your Doom III game to increase the fun of wreaking havoc in the cyber world of HellKnights and Imps...Several changes to your installation of Doom3 will be made with the additions of this mod, such as more health, stamina and ammo per weapon...all in the name of making your survival a little bit easier.

Some of the features include:

  • Pistol
    • The pistol gained the Chrome texture and now this weapon can burst three bullets with one pull of the trigger
    • Increased ammo clip to 21
    • Comes equipped with a laser with red light
  • Shotgun
    • Changed the fire sounds and the reload sound.
    • Increased ammo to 50
  • Machinegun
    • New fire sound
    • New texture
    • Increased ammo to 150
  • Chaingun
    • New fire sounds
    • Increased ammo to 200

As stated, some re-working has been donr by Dafama2K7 to increase the playability and fun-factor of this mod, these include: Added muzzleflash Fixed weapon mounted lights flash between weapon change Various bug fixes

To enjoy all that Gathered Weapons mod (v1.1) offers, you must first start the downloading! Enjoy.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '' (19.57MB)

Gathered weapons mod by Sevan.
Updated now by Dafama.


v1.1	- Fixed bugs.
	- Added muzzleflash.
	- Fixed weapon mounted lights flash between weapon change.

This is weapon modification of Doom 3, which could not come into being, without the most of the modders, who help me with their own moddifications.Thank You So Much!

In this weapon mod I gathered, the gunlights(from Illum mod), the Double shotgun from Doom 3(from Denton Mod) and the plasmaradar(with the superplasmagun's looklike). And some other mods. Plus I add to all of this a new BFG fire(and ability). Exactly I tryed to create a similar charge for the bfg like in the Doom movie (half-successed).In addition there is a Hungarian mod (for this mod!) 
for the Hungarian players.(Sorry for the grammar mistakes!)


Health max:250
Armor max:300
		to make this surviving more easyer!

Fists - button 1 -now you can switch back the previous weapon, when tap the fists button again.

Pistol - this pistol gained the Chrome texture and now on this weapon can burst three bullets with one shot (and of course I decreased the fire rate a little bit.). Encreased ammo clip to 21. 
Max ammo: 450  + this weapon have a laser with red light.

Shotgun -  Increased shot power. I changed the shoot sounds and the reload sound. (I transfered it with the sound from Half-Life 	2).Encreased ammo clip to 50. Max ammo: 370 + single light

Double-Barrel Shotgun - button E - from Doom 3 RoE

Machinegun - New shot sound and new texture. Encreased ammo clip to 150. Max ammo clip: 500 + single light

Chaingun - New shot sound. Encreased ammo clip to 200. Max ammo belt: 600 + single light

Grenade - No changes

Plasmagun - Plasmaradar, superplasmagun lights. Max cells: 450

Rocket Launcher - Encreased ammo clip to 10. Max rockets: 60 

BFG 9000 to 9007 - As I wrote, I tried to change the charges. I increased the bfg cell clip to 12 and the max bfg cell to 84. There is no explosion light but this doesn't mean that, the BFG can't hit a big one, because I increased the power of the charge. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt the player. + single light

 + English and Hungarian Language for Doom3
 + You have gained the Nightmare

Thanks again to the modders!
Enjoy it!

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