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- increased the speed of the player; - new sounds for the machinegun and the chaingun; - add...


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- increased the speed of the player; - new sounds for the machinegun and the chaingun; - added a remixed shotgun like the Doom II game; - new scripts for the flashlight for allow the add- on; - new scripts for the flashlight for the switch of the light on MacOs and Linux; - auto- installer system for Doom3 V1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 for windows; - corrected some error of GT 1.2; - demons will not disappear; - men and zombies will not "explode"; - added the RealMetal FX; - added a new core that permits to switch on or off the light on any weapons (for do it press the "X" key); - new flashlight more luminous; - new sparks and lights effects for any weapons; - new review of any weapons; - fixed some little bugs of GT version 1.1; - all the weapons, without the chainsaw and the soul cube, have an integrated green light; - the flame, when you shot is green: - many skins of guns are green; - more clip for all the weapons; - the pistol and the plasma gun, are more quickly to shot; - edited two posters, the first two in the first level; - edited the textures of PDAs; - deleted the UAC logo and replaced with the "TECH" logo; - maximized the life to 150; - maximized the armor to 150; - new loading background; - new texture for "mars"; - many skins of characters are green; - added the shadow in single player mode; - support for Doom3 1.1 & 1.0; - support for Doom3 Italian and international; - made green the headlight of our drop ship; - made green the RoboCola's tin and machine; - made green the coin- in "Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3"; - changed the sound of the pistol and the machinegun; - made the nightmare modality ever disponible; - the minimum limit of life in nightmare modality is now 50; - all the cursors are green; - the pda and main menu guis are green; - more points with "Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3"; - optimized the multiplayer game.

Many other modification are visible when you play Green Tech. 1.2.5!!!

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Download '' (48.47MB)

ATTENTION!!! This version of GT is only compatible with Doom3 version 1.3 for windows,
for the Mac and Linux versions visit in the download area.

2)How to install/uninstall the mod and how to use the flashlight
3)Credits and contact information

2)How to install/uninstall the mod and how to use the flashlight:

Simply: extract the pk4 file, create a new folder in the Doom3 path,
and copy the mod file (GT_RM_D3.pk4) in it, run the game and chose the name of the folder from the mod menu.

You need only delete the folder where is the mod's file in your Doom3 path.

Use the flashlight swicher:
Start Doom3 and run the mod, when you are in game press the "X" key to switch on or off the flashlight.

3)Credits and contact information:

Web site:
Developer: Gyppi
E-Mail1: gyppi AT libero DOT it
E-Mail2: gyppifx AT gmail DOT com

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