GtkRadiant 1.5.0 Beta for Linux



To celebrate the release of GtkRadiant source code under the GPL, here's the latest beta build of GtkRadiant 1.5.0, a stand-alone level editor for games using id Software's game engines. There have been many improvements made since the last build more than a year ago, making this build a worthy replacement for 1.4.x. If all goes well with this build, 1.5.0 will be declared stable. Many thanks to all the contributors over the last year.

User Docs: http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/files/radiant/docs/1.5/ Bug Report Form: http://www.qeradiant.com/?data=bugreport

What's new:

- Fixed 'inconstent vertex count' errors for certain brush-face configurations. - Fixed keys/values for brush entities not being editable unless parent is selected. - Fixed brush-entities not being deleted when the last child brush is deleted. - Fixed scenarios where worldspawn is not the first entity in the map. - Moved information in synapse.config into .game files. - Added api version-checks to avoid loading incompatible plugins/modules. - Fixed crash when accessing links from help menu. - Fixed broken links in help menu. - Added game-specific help-menu docs to win32 installer. - Changed q3 connect-entities to preserve existing targetname key. - Changed q3 connect-entities to generate targetname key based on target classname. - Fixed crash on startup with texture-subsets enabled. - Added support for doom3 lights combined with brushes and patches. - Added support for doom3 light_origin on lights. - Added support for doom3 light_rotation and rotation key on lights. - Added support for rotating lights using the rotation tool. - Added support for setting fixed S/T tesselation on doom3 patches. - Changed patch inspector to be completely non-modal. - Added rendering of fixed S/T tesselation on doom3 patches. - Changed creation of doom3 func_static entities to prompt for a model. - Fixed zero-sized primitives being rendered for culled entity-connection-lines. - Fixed title of floating entities/console/textures window. - Fixed destruction of floating windows on shutdown. - Added shortcut handling when entity-inspector/texture-browser are active. - Changed mod shader-list and entity-definition searching to also search base-dir. - Fixed undo of brush-make-detail and brush-make-structural. - Added full support for Quake II and Heretic II surface-flags in surface-inspector. - Added support for international (non-ascii) characters in paths and entity keys. - Added rendering of entity names for non-group entities. - Fixed context-dependent opengl calls before opengl context is created. - Added support for multi-byte UTF-8 characters in xml content (not markup). - Fixed misaligned objects causing bus error on OSX. - Fixed selecting a texture not resetting the current selected texture-projection. - Added handling of OpenGL drivers that don't implement all reported extensions (OSX). - Fixed q3map2 feedback xml streams containing non-UTF-8 text. - Changed display of angled box-entities to show un-rotated bounding boxes. - Changed entity-connect-selected to use the parent entity of a selected brush. - Fixed crash in 'Misc > Find Brush' when searching for a non-existent brush. - Added q2map and bspc to installation packages. - Fixed failure to load shaders containing '.' such as Heretic II model skins. - Added support for fractional repeat values to brush-fit-texture. - Optimised type-casts for scene-graph type system. - Disabled substitution of 'unspecified' for entity key values that match the default. - Refactored module-system api - added globalModuleServer(). - Added auto-completion for surface-inspector texture-name entry. - Fixed missing prefix attribute in quake game configuration file. - Added auto-completion for find/replace-textures texture-name entries. - Removed redundant buttons and options in find/replace-textures window. - Added auto-complete for shader attributes in entity inspector. - Added support for doom3-material heightmap to normalmap conversion. - Added camera move up/down one floor. - Added support for 'unspecified' contents/flags/value for Quake2 brush faces. - Added support for doom3 model-entity 'skin' key. - Added noshadows/nospecular/nodiffuse/falloff doom3 light keys to entity-inspector. - Added GUI updates during map load and engine-path/game-dir changes. - Fixed main window being hidden behind another application on closing a floating window. - Specialised filters list for doom3 entity/material types. - Added ASE-loader support for shader names specified as a bitmap absolute-path. - Fixed monitored-q3map2-compile debug-feedback display. - Added TGA-loader support for vertical and horizontal flipping. - Enabled auto-generation of smooth normals for all LWO models. - Fixed model files not being closed after being read. - Fixed build menu dialog not saving changes to build commands. - Changed build menu to save xml only if changed by user. - Fixed CSG-merge. - Reduced CSG-merge tolerance for misaligned brushes. - Added 'File > Refresh models' - reloads models that have changed outside Radiant. - Added option to enable or disable snapping brush planes to integer on map load/save. - Added 0.125 grid. - Changed grid rendering to always show major/minor grid colours whatever the zoom level. - Increased maximum zoom level for XY views. - Fixed region-set-selected for model entities. - Fixed entity-inspector window position changing while hidden. - Added entity-inspector GUI support for func_button/func_door direction attribute. - Added angle/model/sound GUI to entity-inspector for old-style entity-definitions. - Added clipper-plane rendering using stippled back-face-culled polygon. - Fixed entity-inspector failing to handle non-ascii characters in entity keys. - Changed clipper mode and component-editing modes to be mutually exclusive. - Changed camera A/Z/D/C keys to obey "discrete movement" checkbox. - Added support for up/down movement in freelook mode. - Fixed clipper-tool-uses-caulk option. - Added prompt for engine path at startup if not found. - Fixed QE-tool component-drag selecting components of unselected brushes. - Added saving of camera render mode preference. - Changed default camera render mode to Textured for Doom3. - Changed default texture render mode to Trilinear. - Changed clipper-point selection/rendering to behave the same at all zoom levels. - Changed clipper-point selection to always pick the closest point to the cursor. - Fixed clipper colour not being updated until after restarting. - Fixed QE tool not deselecting edges when left-clicking on a vertex without shift. - Changed home-path prefix to be optional on linux/osx for q1/q2. - Changed OpenGL module to work correctly with GL_VERSION 2.0.0. - Fixed spawnflags in Enemy Territory entity definitions. - Added missing Enemy Territory entity types. - Fixed double-maps-directory when using non-native file open dialog on win32. - Changed find/replace-textures window to update when selecting textures with MMB. - Changed Help menu to display only the help menu relevant to the current game. - Changed Help menu to display only the help menu relevant to the current game. - Refactored shortcut handling to make focussed widgets override global shortcuts. Allows using ctrl+c to copy console text, undo/redo without main-window focus. - Changed doom3 light_radius box to draw flat-shaded translucent in camera view. - Fixed progress window not being shown when loading maps. - Fixed snap-planes-to-integer preference not being saved. - Fixed build menu becoming empty if editing of default menu is cancelled. - Fixed q3 entity definition for item_health_small. - Optimised light-dragging. - Changed connect-entities to not break existing connections where possible. - Fixed clipper removing brushes on incorrect side of clip-plane when flipped. - Fixed crash when importing a file after deleting the world entity. - Changed copy/paste/import to select world brushes instead of world entity. - Added stack-trace output to all debug popup messages (win32). - Fixed vertex/edge selection behaviour on undoing brush edits. - Changed doom3 light centre rendering to use a point instead of a box. - Changed map and shader parsers to gracefully handle bad data. - Added entity angle-editing using rotate-tool or rotation toolbar buttons. - Fixed start-on-primary-monitor (win32). - Fixed camera-view freelook when window is on secondary monitor (win32). - Added functional free-scale tool. - Improved precision preservation for free-rotation and free-scale tools. - Fixed misc_model rotation using free-rotation tool. - Added entity angle-editing for entities that display a model. - Stopped size-info being drawn if selection has zero size. - Added support for 'angle' key on doom3 entities. - Added support for loading and saving Quake4 map format. - Added support for built-in shader images such as _noFalloff. - Added support for loading quake4 entity definitions. - Fixed picomodel bug loading .lwo files with texture names >64 in length. - Added support for quake4 .guide material templates. - Added light_radius and light_center GUI to doom3 entity inspector. - Added support for editor_int/editor_string keys in doom3 entity definitions. - Changed doom3/quake4 .mtr and .guide searching to look in subfolders. - Added experimental support for doom3/quake4 projected lights. - Fixed shortcut for toggle-far-clip. - Added default-texture-scale option to preferences. - Added default-grid-spacing option to preferences. - Changed far-clip-plane setting to increase exponentially with distance. - Fixed selected entities moving when drag-resizing brushes. - Changed patches to be selectable from the back in wireframe views. - Changed create-group-entity to re-select brushes after creation. - Added expand-selection-to-entities with default shortcut ctrl+alt+e. - Fixed crash in gtk file-chooser with some versions of GTK+. - Added Radiant Manual shortcut to win32 installation. - Added 'use alternative texture projection' option to prefs (aka Brush Primitives). - Fixed caching bug causing import-map to not reload modified maps. - Added blended-decal rendering for doom3 and quake4. - Fixed hint/caulk filtering for Jedi Academy shaders. - Fixed crash when loading invalid ASE models. - Fixed gtk wimp theme not working after using gtkthemeselector (win32). - Fixed objects sometimes dissappearing when at high zoom level in Ortho views. - Fixed crash while auto-saving snapshots. - Fixed typo in Quake entity-definitions. - Fixed episode flag names on Quake item_sigil and func_episodegate entities. - Added detailed description of Quake item_sigil and func_episodegate entities. - Fixed path to q2map in quake2 build-menu. - Added support for qer_trans keyword in doom3 materials. - Fixed endianness for .lwo loading on linux. - Added drag-resizing for doom3/quake4 light_radius boxes. - Added command to toggle lighting/textured modes, shortcut F3. - Added texture-lock toolbar button. - Fixed editing of doom3/quake4 faces with negative texture scale factors.


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