This mod proposes to secure your backs. Indeed, it gives you the ability to cross the SP levels alongside with a marine or a sentry robot. O...


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This mod proposes to secure your backs. Indeed, it gives you the ability to cross the SP levels alongside with a marine or a sentry robot. Of course, there are some limitations with it (e.g. your teammates won't climb ladders) but you can spawn them wherever you want using a single key!


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GuardSentry. Version: 2.0 BETA1. By Nivelxe

New in this Version:
* Improved Robot AI
* Improved Robot Navigation, now it can cross some places that before get stuck.
* Improved Robot Response to enemies
* Improved Movement
* Added a marine comrade (BETA1)
* Fixed some minor bugs

Programmed a Sentry Robot and a Marine to follow the player around the game, the original script is not changed, the normal UAC Sentry Robots that you can find in game will still work as always, also the AI of the Sentry Robot has been modified, in the tests has proved to be very good.

Of course it still cant go up in ladders, pass broken ground or jump obstacles, but it will work for most of the 70-80% of the game, and if the Sentry Robot cant cross a place, just make another in the other side.

The Marine is still in a very beta stage, the AI has bugs specially the movement vectors which can lead to very annoying bugs, when the marine stay blocking a door and it don’t move……

The Marine has a Machinegun with infinite bullets, also the machinegun is modified for making it a little more stronger and effectible in later game levels. 

Is not recommended to made more than one Sentry, for two main reasons:

1: A very high performance drop may happen(don’t try to make more that 2 marines ever, it may hang your computer with some memory issue).

2: The AI may get “interleave” between the two and it may happened that both stop moving(Because they are blocking each other way), if this happens you have to shoot one of then and it will move again.

Also the Sentry will be blocking the way to the second created robot during all the game, because both try to be at the correct following position.

Like I said, is not recommended to make more than one.

The game has been win in Veteran difficulty and with one Robot and with one Marine, but like I said before there is some places that the bots cant cross, you need to make another when you cross that place, that simply.

Instructions to install:

Open the .zip file with your favorite compressor, extract the folder GuardSentry(Keep directory structure), now you must have a GuardSentry folder with some .pk4 and .txt files, copy the folder to your Doom 3 folder, you must put it in the same place that is Doom3.exe

Now load Doom 3 and select mods menu, load GuardSentry mod, and load your save game.

“G” Key: Call a Sentry Robot
“H” Key: Call a Marine comrade.

Known Bugs: The robots cant cross some areas. just make a new one in the other side.

Copyright / Permissions:

Authors may use this modification as a base to build and learn,
if you use any of the scripts just send me a email so I know it.

You MAY distribute this mod, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

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