This interesting mod gives you a way to spawn teammates (sentry guns, armed marines) to help you cross the SP levels. Their AI is really com...


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This interesting mod gives you a way to spawn teammates (sentry guns, armed marines) to help you cross the SP levels. Their AI is really compelling and they will engage the enemy at sight.

Among the list of changes, the most notable of them is that you can now safely have multiple teammates fighting on your sides ;)

Good mod; I may use it myself as I'm not near from completing D3 and this damned game stresses me too much!


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Version: 2.0 BETA2.
September 11, 2004.

September 11, 2001.
“Rest in peace now and ever, we remember”.


Note: This mod should work with the beta patch released by Id Software.

This mod allows you to have a companion for the game, with this you can call a Sentry Robot or a Marine that will follow and defend you for the entire game.

The Sentry Robots has a very good AI with almost no bugs, a total independent code that don’t cause any incompatibility with original game sentries, the sentries in this mod are a new game character from scratch.

The Marine is still in beta stage, the AI is very complex, the movement vectors are one piece of work, these vectors allow marine to strafe, get cover or use crouch/covered attacks, also the new “getOutOfWay” code is bug free and it work perfect, the follow code is fixed now is almost bug free and very stable.

Also I have fixed for all the Artificial Intelligences the “interleave” issue when you have more than one unit, also I have added a new code for the marines, now you can make two of them and they will work as a squad.

What’s New?:

New .DEF files:

With this most of conflicts/incompatibilities with original sentry robots are fixed, also the marines now get a much more bug free .def file with no problems.

New AI for all of the units:

The new marines AI code is one piece of work, the “getOutOfWay” code now work perfect, the marines will move when you push them, also the navigation system is new, the marines will move much better, they will cover, advance or strafe in combat, the new AI system is very stable and with a few bugs.

Finally fixed the “loop” issue in navigation code, is was a bug in “state_lead” code, the bug was pretty simply, some code was missing and the marine start bugging and stop moving and even could cause a game exit to main menu.

For the sentries, the new AI stop making conflict with the original one and it improves some aspects.

With this also the player value redefinition issue is fixed, I have created specific player values for each of the Artificial Intelligences.

No more console warnings, all console warnings are fixed, most of them where because redefinitions in the .def and .script files, all them are now fixed.

Now you can safely make more than one unit, if your system can handle it, also I have added a new code for the marines, now you can make two of them and they will work as a squad, it still has some bugs but it work good.

Version Explanation:

2.0 BETA2
- More than 95% of the big bugs fixed
- More than 70% of small bugs or code issues fixed.
- New .def file code for the sentry robot.
- New .def file code for the marines.
- More AI improvements for the sentry robots
- Completely new AI for the marines.
- No more console warnings.
- New code that allows to have a marine squad.
- Added a new marine with a shotgun
- Added a new sentry with flashlight.

Known Bugs: The robots cant cross some areas, but is not really a bug, is a limitation.

2.0 BETA1
- Improved Robot AI
- Improved Robot Navigation, now it can cross some places that before get stuck.
- Improved Robot Response to enemies
- Improved Movement
- Added a marine comrade (BETA1)
- Fixed some minor bugs

Known Bugs: The robots cant cross some areas, bit is not really a bug, is a limitation.

Version: 1.0
First public release.

Instructions to install:

Open the .zip file with your favorite compressor, extract the folder GuardSentry(Keep directory structure), now you must have a GuardSentry folder with some .pk4 and .txt files, copy the folder to your Doom 3 folder, you must put it in the same place that is Doom3.exe

Now load Doom 3 and select mods menu, load GuardSentry mod, and load your save game.

"G": Calls a Sentry Robot.
"H”: Calls a Sentry Robot with a flashlight.
"I”: Calls a Marine with a machinegun.
"O”: Calls a Marine with a shotgun.





Contact email: nivelxe AT hotmail DOT com

Copyright / Permissions:

GuardSentry, Copyright © 2004 Nivelxe.

You may use this to learn and may use the scripts as a base for their projects, but for use the AI scripts you need my permission.

Also if you want to include these files on your project you need my permission and if you use any of this files on any situation you must give me credit.

You MAY distribute this mod, provided you include this file, with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

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