This mod allows you to have a companion for the game, with this you can call a Sentry Robot or a Marine that will follow and defend y...


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This mod allows you to have a companion for the game, with this you can call a Sentry Robot or a Marine that will follow and defend you for the entire game.

The Sentry Robots has a very good AI with no bugs, a total independent code that don’t cause any incompatibility with original game sentries, the sentries in this mod are a new game character from scratch.

The Marine AI is very complex, the movement vectors are one piece of work, these vectors allow marine to strafe, get cover or use crouch/covered attacks, evasions to the sides, the follow code is now bug free and very stable.

The Marines have a very complex animation system, which has over 50 movements and many animations, the animation system is linked with radio commands, creating a very complex web and realistic behavior for the units.

Here are the changes since the last version:

- Added wounds to the marine units - Fixed pain animations issue - All known bugs fixed - New marine units - New .def files code - Customized weapons - Corrected some errors in animations - New skins code - Customized models - Fixed all skin related issues - Changed the head for the marines - Highly improved AI for the marines - Improved AI for the sentries - Improved the “Marine Squad” code - New radio code for the marines

Known Bugs: The robots can’t cross some areas, but is not really a bug, is a limitation.

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Download '' (2.83MB)

Version: 2.0.
October November 17, 2004.


Note: This mod if fully compatible with Doom 3 v1.1 patch.

What’s New?:

In this section are explained the bug fixes, new stuff and generally all new related things with the actual version.

Graphics Related:

Added Marine Wounds:
The wounds have been finally added for all the marines, this gives a much more realistic units, all of the marines have now wounds and properly implemented.

Corrected Animations:
Fixed some bugs in animations in the machinegun marine, there was a rare bug in a attack animation and the run animation was bad coded in the AI animation control system, that bug could prevent the marine from running.

Fixed the pain animations issue, now pain animations are played in a realistic state when the marines get damage, 

New Skin Code:
I have created my own skin code for the maries, which have made possible that the skins apply correct to the models, I have added some optimizations to the skin rendering, finally the gib code has been added, using a three skin technique, one, normal skin, two, normal dead skin and three, a gib skin, this code allow a perfect three stage status is skins and a flawless in-game rendering.

Customized Weapons:
Now the marines have customized weapons, also all the weapons now have spectacular tracers effects and many different things for original ones (Read in code section).

New Models:
Even if they are the original marine, these new customized models are a little changed, now the models are correctly “boxed in” with the skins.

Fixed All Skin Issues:
Now the skins apply perfect the models, no more “leaks”, the problem when the marines get kill they drop their gun but another gun is still in their arms is fixed, also the new code optimizations, some parts of the model are no longer rendered, so it much faster to render the skin and this new rendering system has mostly fixed the “black skin” problem also.

New Marines:
These new marines are armed with pistols, one of them has a shield, and of course much more armor.

New Heads:
The new head is a normal marine head with goggles, it looks better than the “Helmet” head, and it also let you see the marine face.

Sound Related:

New Radio Code:
The new radio code is completely based on animations, with this code the marines will say what they are doing, from firing, to moving to the right or left or evading, including when they are hurt, they will say “Son of a bitch”, also in combat the marines may look hysterical, but that’s the idea, it must look like they really are fighting in a dark and ugly base, surrounded by demons.

Code Related:

All Known Bugs Fixed:
Now the mod is very stable and bug free, all of the known bugs from old version are fixed, or that is what I think….

Customized Weapons:
These weapons are more similar to player in damage, fire rate, projectile number, in general they have been modified to make the weapons like the player ones, but still very customized, also now the guns have a different sound for different surface types.

Most of the changes are balancing ones, the damage of the shogun is increased, the pistol damage is increased, and the pistols has a burst fire(3 bullets), this makes these two guns much more useful, now all the guns can gib enemies, there is a lot of changes in weapons code, to many to list all.

New Marines:
The marines are armed with a pistol, one of the marines has a shield, and this guy has much more armor that the non-shield guy, with these new buddies, the units inventory is pretty long and balanced.

New .DEF Files Code:
Updated the code in .def files which have fixed and added most of the things listed below, now there is much more “order” that helps a lot when editing, a lot of bug fixes and added new code.

Improved AI System:
This includes a highly improved “Squad” code and a lot of AI improvements for the marines, they will react faster, they will not be half an hour looking for a firing position, they will fire while moving more frequently, they will use much more the strafe moves and evasions to the sides, and a improved combat system and general AI systems for both, the marines and the sentries.

Version Explanation:

2.0 (BETA2):
- More than 95% of the big bugs fixed
- More than 70% of small bugs or code issues fixed.
- New .def file code for the sentry robot.
- New .def file code for the marines.
- More AI improvements for the sentry robots
- Completely new AI for the marines.
- No more console warnings.
- New code that allows having a marine squad.
- Added a new marine with a shotgun
- Added a new sentry with flashlight.

Known Bugs: The robots can’t cross some areas, but is not really a bug, is a limitation.

2.0 (BETA1):
- Improved Robot AI
- Improved Robot Navigation, now it can cross some places that before get stuck.
- Improved Robot Response to enemies
- Improved Movement
- Added a marine comrade (BETA1)
- Fixed some minor bugs

Known Bugs: The robots can’t cross some areas, but is not really a bug, is a limitation.

Instructions to install:

Open the .zip file with your favorite compressor, extract the folder GuardSentry (Keep directory structure), now you must have a GuardSentry folder with some .pk4 and .txt files, copy the folder to your Doom 3 folder, you must put it in the same place that is Doom3.exe

Now load Doom 3 and select mods menu, load GuardSentry mod, and load your save game.

'G': Calls a Sentry Robot.
'H”: Calls a Sentry Robot with a flashlight.
'I”: Calls a Marine with a machinegun.
'O”: Calls a Marine with a shotgun.
“N”: Calls a Marine with a pistol.
“M”: Calls a Marine with a pistol and a shield.

Compatibility: Most of the guns mods will work with this, skins and graphics related will also work, in generally most of mod may work with this as long as they don’t change code needed by the mod, of course nothing is guaranteed.




Contact Information:

nivelxe AT gmail DOT com

nivelxe AT hotmail DOT com

Copyright / Permissions:

GuardSentry, Copyright © 2004 Nivelxe.

You may NOT modify or use for any other project any of the files included in this mod, for any modification or use in other project you need my permission, 

You may NOT use any of the mod related files as base without my permission.

You MAY distribute this mod, provided you include this file, with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

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