Gunman's Mod 1.06 Patch

As there was an issue with the release of the Gunman's Mod, and this issue was not altogether fixed with the release of the 1.05 patch, the...


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As there was an issue with the release of the Gunman's Mod, and this issue was not altogether fixed with the release of the 1.05 patch, the developer has released this important patch, v1.06! This download fixes a slight miss that was made while zipping the mod before uploading. Apparently the developer found out that he forgot to include the pak99.pk4 file and the z_gunman_mod_106.pk4 which are both needed by the mod to work.

This download has that missing DLL that the users should just extract to their 'gunman_mod' directory in order to make the mod work! You will still need the actual Gunman's Mod which can be found here.

For those of you that are not in the know, and thrive on SinglePlayer action, well prepare to get your fill! Gunman_Productions is here to bring you a Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil modification that has seen two years of development, along with a whole lot of curse words...however, it has finally been complete! If you're like me, and you just gotta have a daily dose of some great SinglePlayer action, then you will waste no time in downloading this modification, and enjoying some of the best Resurrection of Evil gaming goodness that has hit the internet! It's time to lock-n-load soldier, the mission you're about to except is a dangerous one, good luck.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Title:			Gunman's Mod (1.06 Patch)
Description:		Patch for weapons mod for Doom3: Resurrection of Evil
Author:			Branislav "Gunman" Jovanovich
Version:		1.06
Date:			October 12nd 2008.
Contact:		gunman-productions AT


Installation: put the z_gunman_mod_106.pk4 into your gunman_mod directory
and that's it!



v1.06		- Fixed a small bug in d3xp_main.script

v1.05		- Missing file problem fixed

v1.0		- First official release



You may NOT distribute this mod for any profit gain without my clearance.
(If you were to distribute this mod for any commercial purpose, then contact me first!)
You MAY distribute this mod on any form of digital media (CD, DVD, USB, etc-) as long
as it's free of any charge and as long as this readme file is intact.
You may NOT use the custom hud and all the hud's features (custom textures and sounds)
for your own projects, as I want this particular hud to stay in Gunman's Mod and
Gunman's Mod ONLY!
But, You MAY use other customized stuff from this mod as a base for your own mod (as
long as you give me credit where needed).




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