Hell Island

This is a demo level from an upcoming Single Player mod that will include 18 levels and a great deal of custom content (cutscenes, soundtrac...


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This is a demo level from an upcoming Single Player mod that will include 18 levels and a great deal of custom content (cutscenes, soundtrack, models, textures and ... water!). As of now, it is completed at 70%.

To see screenshots from the other levels, please visit this page: http://david.scholze-wsb.de/screens2.htm You won't be disappointed.

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Download 'hell_island_demoversion.rar' (22.73MB)


General informations:

Autor: David (DaveTheFreak) Scholze
Mapname: island_swamp
Game: Doom 3 (all Doom 3 Versions, from 1.0 to 1.3)
Map-Type: Singleplayer
My Mail: david AT scholze-wsb.de
Hell Island Homepage: http://david.scholze-wsb.de/hell-island

How to install:

Extract the 'Hell Island Demoversion.rar' into the 'Doom 3' folder. After it,
start Doom 3. Load the Demoversion (named 'Hell Island Demoversion'), choose
a difficulty and start a new game.


You come back from Mars but you have no chance to rest.
Because you've got a mission: the Contact to this island isn't more available.
You have to go to it and find out, what happens...

The Demo only shows one level of the Hell Island Mod, without showing anything of the story.
But in the final version of the Mod, the story will be there.


- sometimes enemies are in the gangplank
- sometimes the particles of the weapons are black ashlars
	if this happen, make a savegame and start the whole game new
- the start-gui will be playing if you start the game
- It can be, that you can't see the HUD
	if this happen, make a savegame, quit the game, start it new and load the savegame you had done
	(if this do not work, then please write a mail and send it to me)

If there are more Bugs, please contact me and describe, what kind of bugs you found.


to all my Mod-Team!!!
It includes:

David Scholze
Anton Wimmer
Andy Weiland
Mathias Dietrich
Angela Höhenwarter
Marc Wippich
Manuel Rösler

Thanks to:

Simon Weil
Sebastian Krogull
Felix Boehm-Beck
Marco Fischer
doom3maps.org (the best doom3 page ever!)
And I also want to thank everyone, who believes in our Mod!

Other things:

I've made this map with the doom3-radiant version 1.1.
It'll works on linux- and windows-systems. And it'll
also works with all patches for Doom 3. To finish this map,
I had to work for two month. And I hope you'll have fun!
But one last thing: this Map has no story. There are no dialogs
etc., but this will be there in the final version of Hell Island.


Please don't be a thief! This is my map from my Mod Hell Island, I've build it on my own.
So I have to say, that please: don't copy any things of my map!!!

Copyright (c) 2006 David Scholze (DaveTheFreak)
All rights reserved

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