phizix has returned, and he brings along his second map for your gaming enjoyment; With this one, he wanted to have a bit of fun...that is the reason for the fun-part being added to the name of this map. What the developer has done is he played with the hell texture set. HellFun is a good choice for downloading for a bit of good ol' Doom III action, and is fun to play, and the modifications to some of the baddies throw a bit of 'newness' into the game.

Some of the changes made for this map include:

  • Projectiles are a little faster and more powerful from the imps and cacodemons
  • Some monsters will drop weapons and items
  • The cyberdemon at the end that can be killed by normal weapons

It has also been stated by the developer that he has attempted to keep the map balanced for a more enjoyable playing experience, and the only known issue that he has found is"Blue light doesn't break after picking up mega" For those of you that like some good campaign-fun, phizix also made mention that he is working on another map, and possibly more, that will tie into this one...Sounds good, eh?

Refer to the readme for additional information.



Map Name:			HELLFUN
Map Type:			Doom3 single player
Map Author: 		phizix
Author's E-Mail Adress: 	[email protected]

This is my second map. A little fun with the hell textures and models so thats 
why I decided to name it hellfun. I have modified a few of the monsters in the map. 
The imps have faster more powerfull projectiles aswell as the cacodemons. Plus there 
is a modified cyberdemon at the end that can be killed by normal weapons. My system
is a little outdated so I cant run doom3 at high quality so I hope it looks ok for you lucky mofos that can :P I tried to balance the map out.

Known issues I plan to fix in the next release:
Blue light doesnt break after picking up mega

1) unzip the archive and place the PK4 file in your Doom3 base folder eg: "C:Program FilesDoom 3base"

2) start game and open console (alt + ctrl + ~ = console) type "map hellfun"

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