Holyshit Mod for D3

The final Doom3 version that came out appeared to be a retarded crap. This mod is here to change things. Play the way you want not the way I...


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The final Doom3 version that came out appeared to be a retarded crap. This mod is here to change things. Play the way you want not the way ID wanted you to "play". No more irritating monsters that push you to the corner and hit your hud, no more boring pda with shitty stories about AI that saw a "scary" polygon. Imagine you're a Sam Fisher and stalk your enemies or use the devastating force to kill them like Rambo.

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Download 'holyshit.mod.for.doom3v0.1.zip' (15.39MB)

H         O         L         Y         S         H         I         T
              HolyShit MOD for DOOM3 [SINGLEPLAYER]
#video/audio options change applied immediately in-game
#all cabinets are now unlocked so you wont have to listen to those shit
#cool map launcher in main menu
#new weapon sounds
#new explosion sounds
#new weapon textures
#new monster sounds
#new monster textures
#new explosion sounds
#tweaked pda so now it loads faster on slower pc's
#new main menu
#clicking exit quits the game instantly
#removed intro videos [you have seen them a million times anyways]
#removed half of the badly designed monsters to boost gameplay
#removed some lame pentagram decals
#added a shoulder lamp that is allways on [code was borrowed from
ambient light mod]
#revrant now fires no guided rockets and it improves the gameplay
#increased stamina
#removed the stupid monster teleportation fx
#replaced monster dissolve to hide
#added new crosshair
#grenades now explode on contact
#imp and hellnight doesnt throw fireballs anymore
#zombie commando and vagary now run slower
#added blood splat optimization
how to use: lauch shortcut on the desktop
contact info: freakness # operamail.com
notes: that this mod was developed for DOOM3 v1.0 SINGLEPLAYER only
#the mod should be run on dds textures with
seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" which is already included
Plans: remove crap weapons like bfg, plasmarifle and soulcube. Add a
botmap. Fix alot of bugs.
Known bugs: some doors won't open because some monsters are removed, so
use noclip cheat
current version: 0.1
author: Freakness
My other projects: HellInParadise[FC], Freakmod[RTCW]
date: 2006 09 20
This modification can not be sold or included in any compilations without
asking the author. If you want to include any of the contents of this
modification in your own work, you have to contact me first. The contents
of this modification is provided as is. I do not take responsibility for
any damage that may result, either directly or indirectly, from this
Thanks to www.doom3world.org guys, GunRunner and ID software for making
such a retarded game and crappy slowish engine.

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