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This is an optimization of the last version, so there isn't much different, except the FPS. Because of that I will quote my review of the f...


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This is an optimization of the last version, so there isn't much different, except the FPS. Because of that I will quote my review of the first version.

This is a well mapped single player map based off of the mapper's home. It has two stories, and several Havoc objects. Every room has a panel whwew you can turn on or off the lights. Some of the computers play the ID logo opening, and there is a small second level. That was a un-bias review of the map. Now I'll look at the Pros and Cons. We'll look at the cons first, because I like to leave on a positive note. **This map has the worst FPS I have ever seen. I have a medium tear graphics card, and I can run the game well at medium quality. I set it on the lowest possible settings, and I got, on average, 0.75-0.5 FPS. That's right, less than 1 Frame Per Second. Low end systems or anyone that cannot play the game well on high are not reccomended to play this. I believe that this is due to the fact that every room has 5-20 havoc objects that move every time an alien teleports in. The level would have been much more fun if it wasn't like looking at a bunch of shapshots from a photo album. *There wasn't enough ammo. Pros: *If it worked on my computer, I would imagine that this would be one of the most fun maps to play. The level did create a good atmosphere for a futureistic home, minus the ever abundant zombies. *Being able to turn off everything, including music, was fun and the extra bonus level was funny.

Good for anyone with overclocked, uber high quality, uber powerful systems.

THe FPS issue is now gone and this map is enjoyable, and worth a download. Check it out.

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Download 'homev2.zip' (6.81MB)

[Jooo] 21-08-2004 Home

// Map info

Title                   : Home V2
MapFilename             : home.pk4

Author                  : Jooo
Email Address           : [email protected]

Map description         : This is my very first Doom3 map. This map is based on
			 my home. It became a bit short, but i added a lot of 
			 details in it, so walk slowly and check every corner:)
			It now should with 20-40 fps

Supported Gametypes	: Single Player

// Build Info

Editor             : D3Radiant (internal Doom3 Editor thingie)
Bugs               : The frame rate :(
Compile machine    : INTEL PENTIUM 3GHz HT, 1G RAM,ATI RADEON 9800PRO
Build Time         : about a week
// Map Usage


  Place the 'home.pk4' file in your 'Doom 3\base' directory.
  (This is by default C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\)
  Open up Doom 3 and bring down the CONSOLE by pressing:
  CTRL + ALT + ~.   (~ is the button below ESC and to the left of 1)
  In the console, just write: "map home"
  (without the quotes ("    "))

// Copyright / Permissions

Don't copy the in game music!!!

Doom II & Doom III are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.
a 2004 XForce Production by [XF] Destroyer

You can host this file on a website without my permission.

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