id Tech 4 Baseball



id Tech 4 engine. Id Tech 4 is set to be release under GPL, although not this year as originally announced. I will work on this mod using Doom 3 as a basis until the engine is released, then release a free, standalone baseball game for at least PC, second choice platform is the Playstation 3, because of Unreal Tournament 3 being customizable on it, and because I own one. Please note: this is an EXTREMELY early alpha, and I am not responsible for any damage to your computer, including damage directly related to this mod. While I have done some testing, it was an extremely small amount, and will likely work differently on different hardware configurations. This is the latest video I have of the mod working, all other videos of this mod are "obsolete" because I lost the original data and started over from scratch within the past few days. I just graduated from high school, and will be busy with life in general, I'm starting a band, moving out of my parent's house, and getting ready for my first semester of college. This game is more of a hobby or "side project," than it would have been if I weren't so busy. Because of the amount of time I will have to work on this project is fairly restricted, my first priority related to this mod will be bug fixes, so please report any bugs you encounter. Not much is there, all you'll be able to do is walk along the plane where a field will go, but enjoy!


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