iDoom is a port of the classic id game Doom to the iPodlinux platform. It is based on the source code from the original doom released by John Carmack in 1997.

iDoom currently supports all iPod-versions that can run iPodlinux. The screenshots show iDoom on iPod 2G, iPod mini and iPod nano respectively.


- Scaled to your iPod's native resulution. - Full color version (256 colors as in original Doom) - Nicely dithered graphics for grayscale iPod - 10-20 FPS - Ability to use different WAD-files - Configurable controls via config-file

In the future:

The development of iDoom will continue and progress will be inversly proportional to how tough our university classes are. This is an unofficial what-we-want-to-add-or-improve list (in no specific order):

- Wider support for WAD-files - Controls for changing weapon - Ability to load saved games - Sound - Using the coprocessor to speed things up - Generally increase the frame rate



iDoom 1.1 - DOOM port for iPod

Web site  : idoom.hyarion.com
Copyright : id Software
Porters   : Benjamin Eriksson (hyarion)
            Mattias  Pierre   (jobbe)
Packager  : Benjamin Eriksson
ReadMe    : Benjamin Eriksson
Released  : November 5:th 2005
Game Type : First Person Shooter

                           New in this version:

* Supports iPod nano and the 'new' iPod Color/Colour.
* Customizable controls via configuration file.

                           System Requirements:
iPodLinux enabled: iPod 1g, 2g, 3g 4g, mini 1g, mini 2g, Photo, Color/Colour or nano

                           Installation Notes:

1)   Make sure iPodLinux is installed on your iPod.
2)   Unzip the zip file.
3)   Copy the iDoom folder to your iPod.
4)   Boot into iPodLinux.
4.1) Select File Browser.
4.2) Scroll down and select the folder 'hp' (not needed on mac iPods).
4.3) Scroll down and select the folder 'iDoom'.
4.4) Start the file iDoom.

                            Default Controls:
In-Game Controls:
 Run   : [Menu]
 Left  : [Rewind]
 Right : [Fast Forward]
 Shoot : [Play/Pause]
 Open  : [Action]
 Menu  : Flip on [Hold], then off again.

Menu Controls:
 Move up      : [Menu]
 Select       : Rotate the Wheel counter clockwise
 Confirm Exit : Rotate the Wheel clockwise
 Cancel       : Flip on [Hold], then off again.

                       Frequently Asked Questions:
1 Q) I can only see a gray blur, how do I change the contrast?
  A) If you change the contrast in podzilla, it will be changed in iDoom too

2 Q) How can I exit iDoom (I'm keep trying to turn the wheel to the right, but that doesn't help)?
  A) Flip [Hold] on, and then off again.
     Press [Menu] to change menu item.
     Select quit(rotate left) then confirm (rotate right).

3 Q) How do I change the controls?
  A) Open the file 'keys.key' in your favorite text editor and follow the example in there.

4 Q) Why can't I use the wheel to rotate?
  A) The problem lies is the desigs of the newer iPods clickwheel, how would 
     you run and turn at the the wheel at the same time?

See the web site ( idoom.hyarion.com ) for a more updated version.

                                Contact Us:

If you want to contact any of the porters, either contact IRC or via E-Mail.
E-Mail  : hyarion AT hyarion.com
          mattias.pierre AT gmail.com
IRC     : irc.freenode.net # iDoom


Blitter             : leachbj/aegray
iPod Photo Testers  : uweenwijfje, petterminator and slowcoder

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