Inferno Preview



Here is the first official demo for the new Doom 3 mod Inferno. A lot of this stuff is pretty cool. There is even a map that may or may not make it into the final mod.

EDIT: I have added screenies to this file.



Doom 3 Inferno preview.

This is the first official demo of The Doom 3 mod Inferno.
It Showcases some of the final features including the classic shotgun 
created by our new programmer spunky. it also shows  of a new map that may or may not make it to
the final mod.

Installation instructions.

1. Download and unzip the files just to your doom 3 folder.
2. open doom 3
3. select the mods section and select inferno .
4. pull down the console and type map inf2
5. Enjoy the preview when you defeat the hellknight your finished!

Special Thanks to

1.mod programmers Spunky and Bear for their awsome contributions.
2.The doom community for their advice and support.
3. all the Doomers worldwide

_sincerily David Rinehart aka Inferno234

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