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Here is HeXetic's 'Into Cerberon' mod, for all to enjoy!


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Here is HeXetic's 'Into Cerberon' mod, for all to enjoy!

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Into Cerberon: Descent into Doom³.
A total conversion mod for Doom³

**IMPORTANT**: If you are installing 0.0.3 over a 0.0.1 or 0.0.2 release, please ensure that the mod folder name is all-LOWERCASE. As in "C:\Doom3\intocerberon", not "C:\Doom3\Intocerberon". This applies for Linux and Mac users as well! Failure to rename to all-lowercase could cause problems with multiplayer.

README for Version 0.0.3 "Quartz", Released 2006/11/18

Welcome to Into Cerberon version 0.0.3, code-named "Quartz". This is our definitive "first *really* playable version", bringing on top of IC 002 working menus, a Descent-like HUD, a brand-new map, two new guns, new pickups, tri-chord speed boost, and more!

For those of you new to the mod, Into Cerberon aims to bring the classic gameplay of the original 6-degrees-of-freedom game, Descent, into the high-powered realm of Doom³.

Quick Improvements List
- Tri-chording
- "Catch-free" movement model
- Collisions & scraping
- Reworked HUD
- Fixed main menu
- New HDR bloom
- Weapon: Plasma Cannon
- Weapon: Autocannon
- Pickup: Shield Orb
- Pickup: Energy Box
- New map: ic_tumbler
- New map: ic_minerva

Detailed list of new items:
- Tri-chord speed boost is now implemented! The movement of the IC ship now accurately allows for the the classic "tri-chord" speed boost. When moving along a diagonal, you will notice your ship moving faster; this speed boost can be configured by the server operator.
- Changed ship model to no longer "catch" on scenery while rotating. Although we eventually want to be able to do this, the way it was in IC 002 sucked and was too difficult to play with. As a result, the bounding box is now much larger and ships can rotate freely. You *will* notice that some of the tight squeezes are a lot tighter in IC 003 than they were in IC 002.
- New HUD indicators and sound effects indicate when you've slammed your ship into a wall or are scraping along one. Be warned! Ramming your ship into walls *will* damage your craft! Note that at this time, ramming other players does not damage them. We will be adding this soon.
- A new graphical bloom system; this new version of bloom, from Marko Haka, aka "maha_x", has a pseudo-HDR effect that really makes the environment look a lot cooler
- The HUD has been complety reworked, with a new active-weapon indicator with ammunition counter, plus separate graphical shield and energy displays as well as indicators for headlights, collisions, wall-scraping, and low-shield alarm
- The main menu and other GUI elements have been reworked to remove unused buttons and add the ability to configure IC controls straight from the standard Doom 3 menu
- The mighty Plasma Cannon makes a return appearance, firing globs of green energy towards unwary foes. Ammunition is from standard energy.
- Our burst-firing Autocannon is in, bringing swift death to any who stray into the path of its bullets
- The Shield Orb is now available for recharging your shield reserves
- The Energy Box is now available for replenishing your energy stores (ammunition for laser & plasma cannons)
- New map: ic_tumbler. Brought to us by Jaspos, this magnificent map features the enclosed surface of an alien planet and the mining operation going on beneath
- New map: ic_minerva. A remake of the classic Descent multiplayer map by vertigo-one


To install, simply extract this ZIP file into your Doom 3 folder. A new folder called "intocerberon" should be created with several pk4 files and this readme.

To play the mod, fire up Doom 3 normally and then select "Into Cerberon 0.0.3 (Quartz)" from the mods menu. When Doom 3 restarts, be sure to set up your graphics, sound, and control options. You can then either launch your own IC server or join an existing one through the standard Doom 3 multiplayer menu. *THERE IS NO SINGLEPLAYER CAMPAIGN* - Into Cerberon is currently a multiplayer-only mod.

A default configuration file has been included with standard WASDQEZX keyboard controls: use WASD to slide forward/backward/left/right, Q and E to roll left and right, and Z and X to slide up and down. You can change these controls in the normal Doom 3 configuration menu, which has been updated to include all new IC controls.

There are five weapons in IC 0.0.3: Lasers, Minigun, Plasma, Autocannon, and Concussion Missiles. Note that players start with full weapons loadouts; this will be removed in the next version. We felt it was best to keep full loadouts in until some other improvements have been added. Lasers are not yet upgradeable, and currently only one weapon can be selected and fired at a time.


The easiest way to host a server is to use the multiplayer menu to start a "listen" server on the Internet. If you happen to have an extra computer and want to run a dedicated server, create a shortcut like the following:

C:\Doom3\DOOM3DED.exe +set fs_game intocerberon +set si_pure 0 +si_map ic_tumbler +set maxplayers 5 +set si_maxplayers 5 +spawnserver

This will start a dedicated 5-player server on ic_tumbler. You can then fire up Doom 3 and should be able to use the server browser to connect.

The following issues are known to exist in IC 003:

- Sometimes, especially in ic_tumbler, the HUD will disappear and the headlights will not work until you enter a room with one of the modelled robots in it, at which point everything will return to normal. We're really not sure why this happens yet.
- Users with slower computers may experience slowdowns in ic_minerva due to unoptimized level geometry. Sorry; there just wasn't enough time before IC 003.
- ic_mine has several passageways that are actually too tight to navigate through, due to the ship bounding box increasing in size from IC 002 to IC 003.
- ic_mine's double doors don't work properly and are apt to crush the player

Into Cerberon has added a number of new console variables (cvars) available. Most of these are set by the server and cannot be changed by connected players, as that would constitute cheating. All of these variables have context help available; simply type the name of the cvar in the console for current value, default value, and description of purpose.

Controls & movement:
pm_ic_kbdRotMultiplier - keyboard rotation input multiplier
pm_ic_rotSpeed - maximum rotational speed (radians per tick)
pm_ic_rotAccel - rotationl acceleration (radians per square tick)
pm_ic_rotFriction - rotational co-efficient of friction
pm_ic_linScale - speed multiplier on top of doom 3 standard walk speed. This is before tri-chord boost is applied.
pm_ic_linAccel - linear acceleration of ship in any one direciton. Applied prior to tri-chord boost
pm_ic_linFriction - linear co-efficient of friction

Ship bob:
pm_ic_shipBob - enable/disable ship up/down bobbing or "wiggle"
pm_ic_shipBobDistance - intensity of ship bob
pm_ic_shipBobSpeed - bob cycle duration

g_ic_trichording - controls the intensity of the tri-chord speed boost. 1 is the standard Descent movement model. 0 is no tri-chord speed boost. Set to values in-between 0 and 1 for a moderate speed-boost, or values greater than one for insane movement.

g_ic_crashing - enable/disable crashing system
g_ic_crashing_damage - crash damage multiplier. set to 0 to disable crash damage
g_ic_crashing_sensitivity - speed at which collision counts
g_ic_crashing_debug - enable/disable spitting out of gobs of information regarding crash-detection system

g_ic_scraping - enable/disable scraping system
g_ic_scraping_beginLength - how long a scrape has to be detected for actual scrape noises & HUD indicator to start
g_ic_scraping_endLength - how long NO scrape has to be detected for scrape noises & HUD indicator to stop
g_ic_scraping_sensitivity - how far the ship needs to move to count as a scrape
g_ic_scraping_debug - enable/disable spitting out of  gobs of information regarding scrape-detection system

HDR Bloom (these cvars can freely be set by clients):
z_bloom - enables/disables HDR bloom effect
z_bloomBufferSize - controls quality/precision of HDR bloom effect
z_bloomIterations - controls intensity of HDR bloom effect


The principal contributors to this release are, in no particular order:
Ron "Narfig" Elliott, sound effects and music
David "Spectre" Matera, modeller & mapper
Johan "iceheart" Strom, lead artist
Jason "Jaspos" Poots, mapper
Kyle "vertigo-one" Feledy, mapper
Tim "HeXetic" Gokcen, programmer & team lead

The main menu music is "Descent Into Doom" (C) 2006 by Ron Elliott.

"Mine" (ic_mine) was mapped by Spectre
"Pipeline" (ic_pipeline) was mapped by NoMercy
"Whatever" (ic_whatever) was mapped by iceheart
"Tumbler" (ic_whatever) was mapped by Jaspos
"Minerva" (ic_minerva) was mapped by vertigo-one

The Pyro GX was modelled by Spectre, unwrapped by iceheart, and painted by NoMercy

This mod incorporates the skyportal backport by Use_Less & SantaClaws, as well as the Bloom/HDR mod by maha_x. Mad props to them for working hard to make Doom 3 look great.

The "Shield Orb" image used as part of the loading screen was created by Rake,
The "Violent Days" skyportal image was created by Hipshot,
The "PTMC Logo" image used as a base for wall decals and the animated "broken PTMC computer screen" GUI was created by Sushi h.a.,

Thanks to the rest of the official IC Team Members, in no particular order:
Brian "NoMercy" H, artist & mapper
Ola "Lug00ber" Gundelsby, music
Lee David "LDAsh" Ash, modeller
Adam "Tron" Bailey, mapper

Thanks to our cross-platform builder:
Steve "Strider" - Mac Builder

Other thanks & shouts-out-to to our friends and past project contributors:
David "W3bbo" Rees, various
Chris "Mojo" Paine, music
Ryan "Steppo" Steppalavich, various
Mark "RedOmen" Stutzman - Linux builder & tester

If you would like to contribute to Into Cerberon, e-mail team lead HeXetic at


"Into Cerberon" is copyright (c) 2006 the Into Cerberon team. The Into Cerberon team disclaims any responsibility for the use of this mod and gives no warranty for this modification. It didn't screw up OUR computers, so on that basis we're pretty sure it won't screw up YOUR computer, but if it does, we can not be held responsible.

DOOM 3 is copyright (C) 2004 id Software and was published by Activision. Neither id Software nor Activision are affiliated with or endorse Into Cerberon in any way.

DESCENT is copyright (C) 1996 Parallax Software and was published by Interplay. Neither Parallax Software nor Interplay are affiliated with or endorse Into Cerberon in any way, shape or form. The Into Cerberon team warrants that the work of this mod is entirely our own and no physical materials (models, sounds, graphics) in this mod were extracted from the DESCENT, DESCENT 2, or DESCENT 3 games themselves.


Into Cerberon site and forums (redirects to main site)

Moddb homepage (gallery, downloads)

For direct inquiries, contact team lead Tim "HeXetic" Gokcen at


Our main goal with IC 0.0.4 will be to add to the multiplayer experience, with new guns and missiles, dual-weapon wielding, selectable ship paint jobs, upgradeable lasers, and other enhancements. IC 004 will be our first release to not dole out free guns to everyone upon spawn.

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