Here is a very small multiplayer map created out of boredom. All the textures were created in Photoshop, Paintshop, and Paint.


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Here is a very small multiplayer map created out of boredom. All the textures were created in Photoshop, Paintshop, and Paint.

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Download 'jh_cloudtop.zip' (42.22MB)

Date: September 1st 2006

Doom 3 (1.3) multiplayer map

-|General information|------------------------------------------

Title:		Cloudtop

Author:		Justin (dwayndibly)

Email:		dwayndiblyAThotmailDOTcom

Description:	This is a multiplayer map for doom 3 (1.3).

		I have also included a very small multiplayer 
		Map just created out of boredom. I thought I 
		might as well add it in. it is suppose to look
		like gold.

		I have used my own textures, which were created
		in Photoshop, paintshop and paint.

		I have not imported any models or meshes into 
		the map from other programs, all architecture, 
		map design was created within the doom 3 editor.

known bugs:	There are only two one-way doors, as you spawn
		you must exit them into the level but if you 
		stand still in the doorway you'll die. I 
		haven’t the time to get it perfect but once you 
		clear them you don’t need to use them again 
		until you spawn. and a problem with a smoke particle.


1.	Extract file "Cloudtop" into your doom 3 directory.
2.	Start the game and choose "Cloudtop" in the mod list.
3.	go to multiplayer game and choose either "gold" or "cloudtop" from the menu and then play the map.

for further instructions on how to install use the func_rotatingdoor_readme


Bruce Worrall (A.K.A S@aNiC)
Thanks very much to the author of the Func_rotatingdoor, this file helped me 
a lot. i have included the original .zip file separately. 
a description is in func_rotatingdoor_readme.

LDAsh <ViolaE>
Thanks for giving me help and examples for my reflective textures.

-|Distribution / Copyright / Permissions|-----------------------
This file can be distributed freely, as long as you keep the .zip, .pk4 & .txt file unaltered, and intact with this readme file


Please feel free to contact me on my email (dwayndiblyAThotmailDOTcom) for any questions or comments.

Mod Name: func_rotatingdoor  

Author: S@aNiC 

Date: May 6, 2005 

New ASSET : func_rotatingdoor : BETA

A new entity for your maps that allows you to create rotating doors. It is 100% script based so can be placed in any mod folder your developing maps for. NO SDK compiling and NO scripting necessary. If you use it all I ask for is a line in your credits/readme, no need to contact me for permission.

Extract func_rotatingdoor.pk4 from this file and place it in your mod folder. 
Add this line
#include &quot;script/func_rotatingdoor.script “
to the end of the other #include’s in your mods doom_main.script file ( best option when developing maps) OR the top of every map script file that makes use of it ( best for released maps).
That’s it.

My test map is included rotating_door.map, it automatically sets g_showTriggers 1 and r_showPortals 1 for you so you can see where the triggers are, touching the trigger behind the airlock doors will turn these options off otherwise you will have to do it manually. Hey it’s a beta test map what you want

Load up the editor, right click in the orthogonal view func->func_rotatingdoor, read the options in the entity info window.
If you want to add script for it in a map its basically a func_mover with door type functionality programmed on top of it so all func_mover commands will work, ive also added 2 functions Locked and Opened to give you the equivalent of func_door’s isLocked isOpen commands, but because thier not SDK events usage is $myrotatingdoor.callFunction(“Locked”);

WHATS MY MOD FOLDER? :- base if your still developing your maps there tut tut.

WHERES DOOM_MAIN? :- If you haven’t already extracted it, its in pak000.pk4 in your base folder. Extract it to mod/script . Although if your making maps for someone elses mod it may be in any of their pk4’s you’ll have to hunt it down.

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