Those of you that have enjoyed Just-Doom, which is the first mod in the series, will be pleased to see this download waiting for you! Fr those of you that are unfamilliar with this mod, it is the creation of Darthshoot for the enjoyment of the Doom III community; According to his website, (sorry, my German is non-existant, and the on-line translator is kindof sucky) Just-Doom, for which, this is Demo2 is in different parts, with this one being the second, and the third nearing release. If you're looking for some thrills and chills, then you're on your way to downloading just what Dr. Doom would prescribe!

The story begins with a return to Mars and everything is alright for years, but then it happended! The gateway to hell opened by itself! But why? It becomes evident that the demons now have the technology now to open portals to other dimensions....something that nobody knew about on Earth. Because all transmissions have ceased, HQ decided to send a recon team to Mars to get answers; You have survived the intense fighting and near death experiences of the first installment, now it's time to save and examine the artifacts....this is where you come in now, will you survive!?

Refer to the readme for more information.



Homepage of this mod: www.just-doom.dl.am

1. Whats this?

- It's a great mod (demo2). Version 1.0

2. How to install?

- Just put this file into your doom3/base/ folder and type into consol 

map level3

and have fun!

3. Credits:

- Darthshoot, ZaP, Deli, Fellkneul, fortysixandtwo and GIGAN!

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