Kasey's Skin Pack (Monsters)



This skin pack for Doom 3 updates the look of all the enemies to make them appear even more menacing and gruesome.


Im not really sure how to make this into a mod like you would any other mod, so i just zipped these folders into one big zip. If you have any experience with modding and the know-how to make it to where you can just load this up as a genuine mod, then you go right ahead, otherwise, you might have to use these skins like I use them.

Get a utility called WinRAR and unpack all your PK4 files. Unpack them INSIDE the base folder in the Doom 3 directory. After all is done, you should have several different folders in your Base. Now, unzip these files to a temporary folder, like on the desktop, then, go back to your base and search through until you find these path. 

Doom 3/base/dds/models/monsters

Copy all folders from my zip file over to this directory. It will ask if you wish to overwrite, click yes. It would advisable to back up the folders that are being overwritten in order to get the original skins back if you dont like or dont want to use my skins. 

Anyhow, I have included a screenshot of every monster that I have a new skin for. These monsters are the following;

Lost Soul

If you would like to see these new skins without having to play through the entire game you can spawn them while in-game yourself. first, access the console by pressing Ctr_Alt_~. Then type god for godmode, notarget so the monsters will not attack you when you spawn them, then, for the individual monsters listed above, to spawn them, you need to type the following

spawn monster_demon_mancubus
spawn monster_demon_pinky
spawn monster_demon_imp
spawn monster_demon_archvile
spawn monster_flying_cacodemon
spawn monster_flying_lostsoul
spawn monster_demon_trite
spawn monster_demon_hellknight
spawn monster_zombie_commando
spawn monster_zombie_boney
spawn monster_zombie_morgue

Well, this is all. If you have any questions fee free to email me at maikoman4 AT hotmail DOT com. All comments are appreciated.

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