Kasey's Skin Pack (NPCs)



I thought it would be a good idea to release a skin pack that only modified the NPC's within the Doom 3 game. All the humans have had a little bit of color added to their skin tone to get rid of the pasty bland white color yet retain that dark atmosphere. The monsters are NOT edited.

If anyone catches a bug or error, dont hesitate to give me an email at maikoman4 AT hotmail DOT com and I will take a look and fix it. Enjoy!



This is just for those who wish to have only the NPC's modded within the game. The changes to the npcs such as Swann and Betruger is a bit of color added to their skins so that they are not pale and white. All npcs are modded this way.

My email is maikoman4 AT hotmail DOT com

to install, create a folder within your Doom 3 directory, NOT YOUR BASE folder, but the directory with the Doom3.exe in it. Name that folder whatever you want and unzip the pak005 file into that folder. Start the game, click on MODS on the bottom right, select that name of what you called the folder that you created and then play the game.

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