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Killer Doom Pack is a compilation pack of various mods for Doom 3. Sorry for the wait between the versions guys! I was busy doing other thin...


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Killer Doom Pack is a compilation pack of various mods for Doom 3. Sorry for the wait between the versions guys! I was busy doing other things! To make up for it i've added a ton of new things that have come out :)


- Removed: Co-Op Mode Problems with 1.3 (OpenCoop Beta 2.0) - Added: Flares (Jason "Rodzilla" Rodzik) - Added: TinMan Squad 0.3b - Allies Mod (Jarad "TinMan" Hansen) - New Weapon: Gravity Gun. (BLOODRAYNE, PBMax, der_ton) - Added: Chase Camera (Use the numpad) (Doom 3 elusive.cfg in pak000.pk4) - Added: Co-Op Mode, Join Red Team (OpenCoop Beta 2.0) - Added: Imps Can Throw Barrels. (PBMax) - Added: New Main Menu Graphics (Agret) - Fixed: KillerDoomPack.pk4 had a space (Agret) - Fixed: Typo in Gravity Gun PDA. (Agret) - Fixed: Shotgun can gib monsters now. (Agret) - PlasmaShotgun model changed. (Agret)

Compatible with Mac and Linux.

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                    .--'''   / \   '''--.
                  .'        |   |        '.
                .'          |   |          '.
               /           /     \           \
              /           |       |           \
             / '-.       / Killer  \       .-' \
            .'    '.    |   Doom    |    .'    '.
            |       '-. |   Pack    | .-'       |
            |          )-.  v1.1    .-(          |
            '         |   '.     .'   |         '
             \       /      '-.-'      \       /
             '.     |      .-' '-.      |     .'
              \     |    .'       '.    |     /
               \   /  .-'           '-.  \   /
                '.|.-'                 '-.|.'
                  '.                     .'
                    '--..           ..--'
Killer Doom Pack v1.1: Created By Agret (alias.zero2097 AT
Release: 8th June 2005

Extract to C:\Program Files\Doom 3\
Start Doom3 then click Mods and activate the KillerDoomPack

Upgrade Notes
If you are upgrading from v1.0 then please delete your old KillerDoomPack .pk4
as it has a space in the file name and it will cause conflicts with the new patch.

Your save games will not be changed but when you load them you will start at the
beginning of the area you are in. You will be able to save/load normally from then
on until the next update.

Changes v1.0
* Ammo capacity increased.		(TEAM REVELATiON - Upgrade Pack)
* Fixed: 'Mark T. Caseon' PDA Error.	(*Nitro*Clan - Doom 3 Retail Gore Mod)
* Fixed: Bug in Cyberdemon boss fight.	(*Nitro*Clan - Doom 3 Retail Gore Mod)
* BFG - A lot more powerful.		(Trojanman190 - BattleReady v1.0)
* New Map: The Hellish Complex		(Sniperdude - The Hellish Complex Map)
* New Weapon: Flamethrower.		(John 'Cryect' - Flamethrower Addition 0.2)
* New Weapon: Plasma Shotgun.		(Saq - Plasma Shotgun Mod)
* Added: Personal Guard sentry.		(Michael Knight)
* Player has 200 max armor.		(TEAM REVELATiON - Upgrade Pack)
* Player has 200 max health.		(TEAM REVELATiON - Upgrade Pack)
* Player has 200 stanima.		(TEAM REVELATiON - Upgrade Pack)
* Player movement speed increased.	(TEAM REVELATiON - Upgrade Pack)
* Player now bleeds (SinglePlayer)	(*Nitro*Clan - Doom 3 Retail Gore Mod)
* Shotgun kickback Increased 5x.	(Brian Phillips - PROJECT BRIAN v014)
* Shotgun damage increased to 21.	(Brian Phillips - PROJECT BRIAN v014)
* Ungibbable bodies (excludes zombies)	(Junkguy ( - Ungibbable)
* Zombies come back to life.		(Brian Phillips - PROJECT BRIAN v014)

Modified Console Commands
To use these, while playing press CTRL+ALT+~ and type them in.
Please note that ~ is the key to the left of your 1 key.
The key may differ on international keyboards.

give weapon_flamethrower 		- Gives you the flamethrower.
give weapon_flares			- Gives you the flares.
give weapon_gravitygun			- Gives you the gravity gun.
give weapon_plasmashotgun		- Gives you the plasma shotgun.
spawn char_guardsentry			- Creates a personal guard sentry.

Type in any of the following commands to spawn an ally:
vstr ally_mg  For the machine gunner
vstr ally_sg  For the shotgunner
vstr ally_ps  For the pistolier
vstr ally_sh  For the pistolier with shield
or any of these:
vstr ally_romanov
vstr ally_sho
vstr ally_evans

Gravity Gun
How to use it to your advantage during the game: 

- The gg does not kill enemies when you point it directly at them, it merely hurts them
as long as you keep the fire button pressed it will kill them eventually. You can look at
the gun's gauges to see how much health they have left.
- Use the RELOAD button to hurl an object towards an enemy.
- Use objects to shield yourself from incoming enemyfire.
- Things that get thrown at enemies usually tend to hurt them a *lot*. 
- You can pick up a box or a dead body and hold it in front of you to protect you against
any projectile. 
- If you tap the beam shortly you can use it to drag things closer to you that you normally
wouldn't be able to reach. 
- Explosive barrels are fun and do lots of damage. 
- Bricks are fun and do a lot of damage too. 
- The Force(tm) is nothing compared to what this baby can do, if used wisely. 

When you master this weapon you'll find yourself about as strong as Obi-Wan-Kenobi. 

TinMan Squad 0.3 Beta - An Allies Mod for Doom III
This addition gives you some AI controlled buddies to fight through single player with.
In the default single player maps there are some areas the AI can't follow you into so you
may need the modified single player maps avaliable at:

A spawned ally will follow you by default and attack enemies.
Ally will get out of the way if you push into him into him.
Ally will retreat if an enemy gets too close.

'Talking' to an ally while there are no enemies will do several things:
Toggle whether he follows you or not. 
Print status information to the console.
Heal him 50Hp.

Just a quick warning, if you have more than one guy spawned be prepared to do gymnastics to
get past them.

Ally spawning commands are set in autoexec.cfg if you want to customise names, heads and 

*Nitro*Clan 				- Doom 3 Retail Gore Mod
BLOODRAYNE (	- Gravity Gun Model and Release
Brian Phillips 				- PROJECT BRIAN v014
der_ton					- 3dsMax md5 Exporter For Creation of Gravity Gun
Doom 3 elusive.cfg in pak000.pk4	- Chase Camera
Jarad Hansen (tinman_squad AT	- Tinman Squad 0.3Beta
Junkguy (junkguy AT		- Ungibbable
Michael Knight				- Guard Sentry
Jason Rodzik (rodzilla AT - Flares
John 'Cryect' (jspam1 AT 		- Flamethrower Addition 0.2		- OpenCoop Beta 2.0
PBMax (Forum PM PBMax on Imp Barrel Toss v1.0, Gravity Gun
Saq (saq AT			- Plasma Shotgun Mod
Sniperdude 				- The Hellish Complex Map
TEAM REVELATiON 			- Upgrade Pack
Trojanman190 (Trojanman190 AT	- BattleReady v1.0

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