In this level you have to explore the temple and the labyrinth underneath it to find a pda that will allow you to open up the portal to win...


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In this level you have to explore the temple and the labyrinth underneath it to find a pda that will allow you to open up the portal to win the level. Enemies and weapons in the labyrinth are placed randomly, so be sure to explore it thoroughly to find powerups and stuff.

You have unlimited flares (press F to use them). You can return back to the surface at any time to heal yourself at the health machine and the first time you go back there will be ammo lying on some of the boxes. It was left there by the magical helpful gremlins who live in the temple and keep all the candles lit. There is no second level, so it will say map not found when you reach the end.

Read the pda once you find it. It tells you where to go.

No quicksaving until you get to the final room. Unless you are a lameass who is scared of the dark!

You really might want to quicksave when you get to the final room. Go back for health and ammo.

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Download '' (17.3MB)


Make a directory called labyrinth in C:\Doom3 (or wherever you installed doom to) and copy labyrinth.pk4 and labymod.pk4 to it.

To play go to mods, and select labyrinth.  The mod should load, then bring up the console with alt-ctrl-~ and type in map labyrinth



Pistol does more damage, and I 'borrowed' the sound from the Doom 3 sound mod.  Now it sounds like a small bomb going off
Shotgun is more accurate, only holds 6 shells, and reloads one at a time.
Assault Rifle has an attached flashlight, and also has a borrowed sound from the same mod.
Chaingun takes longer to spin up, and holds 200 ammo per reload.
Grenades now no longer explode on impact, but they do more damage and have a larger blast radius.
 They have a really short fuse, but holding the button down longer will increase the fuse. 
 You can drop a 3 second grenade by pressing reload. (good for when you're being chased)
Plasma gun is the same.
Rockets do slightly more damage from direct hits.
BFG and chainsaw are the same.

Flares replace the flashlight key, but you can still scroll to the flashlight.

There are a few other minor changes in the mod.  

Imps behave slightly different in their attack patterns.
Wraiths have a less flashy effect when they teleport.
Most guys take longer to burn away by about 5 seconds.
Bullets hitting walls have different particle effects.
You can type give weapon_electrogun into the console to get the super secret awesome electrogun.

performance can be crap at certain points.  if you have 20 guys closeing in on you and a dozen flares don't expect more than 4 fps.
The pathfinding is the single biggest cause of slowdown.  
I'm not exactly sure why it gets so bad, but I think it has something to do with interconnectivity of the level.
You will often have guys walking about halfway across the map, but sucking away your precious precious cpu cycles.
flares will also often be out of view, but causing some slowdown.


The level doesn't require the mod to be played and the mod can be used to play other levels.
If you do want to use a different mod you'll probably want one with flares or something cause of how dark some parts of the level are.
To do this put labyrinth.pk4 into the doom/base directory.  Then when you want to play it type in map labyrinth into the console like normal.
Doing this will temporarily overwrite a few files that are nomally used for doom.  (such as the pda, i'm not sure what else, but it shouldn't cause any problems)

If you feel so inclined you can edit a few defines at the beginning of the level script file.
To do so first open up labyrinth.pk4 in winzip.  (you might have to rename it to to do this)  go into the maps directory and exract labyrinth.script
At the beginning of the file there are some definines that are used in the script.  They are as follows. 


There are set locations in the map for where enemies are placed, where piles of loot are placed, and for which walls can be removed.
Major enemies have their own starting points which are seperate from the minor enemies starting points which are seperate from the creepy enemies(maze monsters) points.
When you first start the level the script is run and it cycles through all these points.
MAJOR_BADDIE_CHANCE is the chance that there will be a major enemy placed at a major monster starting point when it cycles through to one.
Setting MAJOR_BADDIE_CHANCE as 5 means that there is a one in five chance an enemy will be placed there.
If you want to play the level with the maximum amount of monsters just set the chances for the major, minor and creepy baddies to 1.  That will put a guy at each point.
DEADMAN_CHANCE is the chance that there will be a dead marine at one of their points.
The number of items dropped there is a random number from 0 to MAX_LOOTITEMS.
The script for what kinds of items are dropped is somewhat complicated.  Basically only one gun type will be dropped at most, and once it has been there is a tendency for ammo to be dropped for it.
So no matter how big of a number you put in for MAX_LOOTITEMS you will only get one gun at most.  You can still change it to something fantastically stupid if you want though.
WALLREMOVE_CHANCE is the chance each fake wall has of being removed.  Set as 2 there is a 50 / 50 chance for each removeable wall.  You can use numbers like 1.5 in this if you want.
Don't edit ITEM_SPAWNLOCATIONS or FAKEWALL_AMOUNT.  telling my script that there are 71 fake walls will crash the level since it won't be able to find the 71st wall.



All the mods I borrowed stuff from and figured out how to do stuff from
the dungeondoom mod for the inspiration.  (and for figuring out how to do stuff)
The doom 3 sound mod.
ducttape mod
that one mod i can't remember, but which had flares.
doom3world forums
satanic on the doom3world forums for a couple of sections on the level script


you can email me at 
ahappybug2004 AT yahoo DOT com


Feel free to edit, steal and borrow stuff from this mod.

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