What does sirjj do for a distraction while he's working long hours on a quality SinglePlayer map? He builds a quickie Mutiplayer map, of coarse! That's not to say that this map isn't a quality map, it is made pretty good, maby not with dazzeling detail or titilating textures, but with the amount of ducking and weaving you'll be doing, stopping to check out the area won't be an option.

This three level map will offer you some challenges as you begin your fight for survival on the lowest floor, a definate advantage can be had from the upper levels, however, make sure you have your fill of ammo, as there is none laying around up there. The only way to access the upper levels is by rocket jumping. Just because there are lots of ammo and health packs laying about the lower level, doesn't make it the best place to run around...beware of the laser in the center of the map. Laser is a fun map for you and four or five of your friends to meet in and take out some frustrations, but don't get any ideas about pwning your opposition by fragging them after they spawn, as there are 16 spawn points...will you walk away with bragging rights?

Refer to the readme for more information.



map name: laser
my name:  jason shawcross
aka: 	  sirjj
email virtualbomberAThotmail.com
i do not cheack my mail often so it probebly would get a quicker reply
if it was posted at file front

files included;
jsd3dm2-image (the preview)
jsd3dm2-readme (this)
jsd3dm2 (the pak file)

build time 
1 hour

this is a quik deathmatch/arena map i made to take a
break from making a sp map. 
It is basicly a rocket/shotgun 
areana with 3 platform levels, each only acseseble 
by spawning on (the lowest platform) and rocket jumping. 
The top two levels do not have weapons or ammo but offer 
a hight advantage. 
There are lots of ammo and health placed around the map 
so theres no chance that you will run out,
in the center is a large laser that kills anyone that gets to close. 
Players start with 48 pistol bullets and two grenades, there are 16 
spawn points on this map, 
there are 16 spawn point so that the other players cant predict 
were the player is going to repawn but all can be used as initial spawn points. 
I suggest between two and four players maybe upto six

other stuff
any constructiv critisism would be nice but no saying "this is a crap map and im not going to play it"
just remember it wasnt made to be brilliant

just pointing out
1. i now its only one room, thats exactly how i wanted it
2.the fact that there is litle cover is so that people have to keep moveing
3. im not removing the big laser if your dumb enough to fall into it you cant comment about it (so that means i cant either)

placing the jsd3dm2.pak file in the base folder should 
make it apear in the multiplayer menu whene you start doom 3

to id for making another great game aswell as others they rock!

to the file front forums ive found many answers there

to all the tutorials that i have used q4 and doom3

and finally to file front for hosting my maps and the people who download them

legal stuff
this map is all mine MINE!!!
only jocking you can do what ever you whant with it as long as credit is given
if it is comercialy explotied then i want 5 percent

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