Last Man Standing Coop 1.0 Update Patch



Everyone with LMS coop 1.0 needs to please download this Patch, whether you are on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Please place this in your in your doom3/lms_1.0 folder and extract the files.

This file will let mac users join your server and for to be able to join mac servers.

For mac users read the readme for more information.

NOTE TO MAC USERS: We could use some assistance on getting the 2.0 Mac binary to compile. Please visit: http://lms.d3files.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1304 That is where we will be updating problems and progress on getting the 2.0 Mac binary compiled. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Take care. -calimer




For Windows, Linux and Mac Users:
1. Please place the game_lms102.pk4 in your doom3/lms_1.0 folder

That's it for Windows and Linux users, now Mac users can join your server and they can join yours without a problem.

How to load Last Man Standing 1.0 on Mac:
1.  Unzip the Multiplatform version of LMS to your Doom 3 folder. (http://doom3.filefront.com/file/;45064)
2.  Open the Terminal
3.  Right or Control Click on Doom 3.app (the program) and select Show Package Contents and click on Contents, then Mac OS
4.  Go into the console and drag Doom 3 (the one in the Mac OS folder in Doom 3.app) to the console window and drop it.
5.  You should see some thing like this:
/Applications/Doom\ 3/Doom\ 3.app/Contents/MacOS/Doom\ 3 
type in "+set fs_game lms_1.0" (without the parenthesis) after you've dragged Doom 3 from the mentioned location and press enter.

For any Mac specific questions please e-mail [email protected]

Thanks to Gen. Miester [KoRA] for the Mac readme help and Mac general help and to Hobbes for doing the compile.

Take care and enjoy the mod :)
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