Last Man Standing Coop for Windows



This mod features adrenaline pumping action on six maps and has many new features including scoring, new weapons and weapon tweaks.


Beta 0.1 Feature List:

General- Brand New Menu with new graphics, sound, etc (Timbobsteve, Burn, Danamo) Shoulder Flashlight (Timbobsteve) The maps include four different difficulty levels for players of varying skill (Timbobsteve, Beerman) Score system (Timbobsteve) End of game Score Display (Timbobsteve) Kicking soundtrack to every map (see music section) Walkspeed changed to equal runspeed (Beerman)

Weapons- (note: Models for the double barrel and plasmathrower were unfortunately not completed for this release, but will hopefully be in the next one)

Pistol is 3 shot (Beerman) Double Barrel shotgun -- single shot autoreload version (Beerman) Chaingun with 300 round belt and a lower rate of fire (Beerman) Plasmathrower (Beerman) - Turned the plasmagun into a flamethrower using plasma


Fortcomp10 (calimer) note-- This map is meant to be a standalone, not used with the mod. Please put it in the doom 3/base folder and load up doom3. Then open up the console (ctrl alt `) and type "map fortcomp10" obviously without the quotes. This is the classic LMS map that was the first example the type of gameplay to be used in the mod.

Hangar Incursion (Timbobsteve) Takes place inside the hangar of a base. You are constantly being pushed back by swarms of enemies while needing to hack through security doors to continue your retreat. This map does end, and has a nice special surprise for those that beat it.

Loading Dock (Beerman) The player starts off in an area of a base near a train station. While fighting off hordes, the player must make his way to the train station and escape aboard the train. This map does end too.

Portal Defense (Beerman) Takes place inside a huge spherical chamber. A portal straight from hell opens up and the player is forced to fight an endless legion of monsters. Try to see how high you can get your score each time.

Commando Attack (SpawnFT) This map is a small room with unending amounts of Commandos. See how long you can last in this very addicting map.

Chambers of Misery (Mercykiller) A very dark and hellish set of rooms that features endless waves monsters.

Music- Neurosphere-- www.neurosphere.it Fallen Angel's Last Flight We Do What We Want Bonestorm

Skaven-- http://www.futurecrew.com/skaven/ Corrupter (Edited with permission) They Crave Cannon Angel Past the Chase



Readme for the Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing  
Version Beta 0.1
IRC  irc.gamesurge.net channel #lms-mod

Quick mention about the next release:
I just want to mention quickly that we got coop working nicely and that we are going to try to have a coop version of the mod released by the beginning of February.  Be sure to check the news page to get status updates.

You can either use the installer or use the archive that is provided.  To use the archive, put it in the doom3 folder (not the base folder) and unzip the archive.  After using the installer or archive, load up doom 3, hit the mods button, and select Last Man Standing from the list.  You should now be ready to kick some horde ass, enjoy :)

Performance Suggestions:
If you are getting a lot of lag there are a few things you can do to improve gameplay.
1) Turn off shadows (under advanced in options -> system)
2) Lower the doom 3 video quality level in options -> system
3) Defrag your hard drive

Stuff that we wanted to possibly add: (and will based on demand, and what you will probably see in future maps)

Coop (Obviously)
Double barrel with a clip reload and delayed slightly more than the regular shotgun
Fortcomp Revamped (fortcomp with improved gfx and new waves)
New maps if we can fit it in
Grenade tweaks
Chaingun with a high rate of fire and gfx tweaks to reduce lag
Model for the double barrel shotgun
Model for the Plasmathrower

Last Man Standing Team (In alphabetical order):
Altheus Stone: Modeler, Lead Artist
AO: Coding
BEERman: Map Design, Scripting, FX
BurN: CoLeader, Website Design, Graphics Design
Calimer: Leader, Map Design, Public Relations
Danamo: Modeling, Graphics
Iten: Coding
MercyKiller: Map Design
Sgt.Commander Neurosphere: Music and Sound Engineer
Spawn-Ft: Map Design
Timbosteve: CoLeader, Map Design, Scripting

Personal messages from the team (In alphabetical order):  

Hi, I'm the other coder on this team. Me and Iten were brought on this team right before Christmas with the primary goal to get coop working for this mod.

This has been exciting times and thanks to the great work iten already had done with coop, and thanks to his help getting me started and with help along the way, we now have a pretty much working coop. Coop was never intended for this first beta though, we would like to work more on ensuring a solid multiplayer experience for the Last Man Standing maps before we release coop support.

I must say i am impressed with this team, it is a joy to be working with everyone here. Enjoy this release, and I hope you'll look forward to the next release from the LMS team!

-Arne Olav

I just wanna give a shout out to everyone on the team. We all worked our asses off and really came through as a team to get this thing put together and tested. It's really been a fun time doing all this stuff, and I find our team just works really well together. Like I had the suitlight idea but couldn't get the code to work, TImbob took my idea and ran with it now we have a suitlight. There's lots of things in the mod that ended up being more of a team job than one person contributing work.

I hope you fans out there enjoy the changes and additions we've made so far, and look forward to hearing your opinions on the work we've done. Stop by our forums and give us some feedback!!

Dan -B33Rman- Mayhew

It feels as if I only joined the team 3 weeks ago, with only 3 members when I joined I honestly couldn't have expected this much progress this fast.  Although I wish I did much more for the beta I'd just like to thank the whole team for making everything work so quickly. I'm definitely looking forward to the fun times we have ahead.

I can't explain in words how happy I am with the team right now.  We are moving forward with so much energy and progress that it is almost overwhelming.  I'd like to especially thank Timbobsteve who has been absolutely outstanding in his dedication to the mod.  He has put so much time and effort into doing whatever he can to help the mod, whether it be new features and improvements, bug fixing, or helping another team member with their project.  Beerman has also been outstanding in his dedication to the mod.  Not only did he contribute two awesome maps but he scripted all the new weapons.  In addition, not only did he not complain when I gave him my constructive criticism, but he used it to make his projects far better than I could of anticipated. Also I'd like to thank Burn for his dedication and support of the mod even when we were facing rough times, and before we had a lot of members.  The mod probably wouldn't even be around now if it weren't for his unyielding support.  Also thank you Iten and AO, our new coders.  Even though you didn't see much of their code in this release, they helped immensely with the Beta testing.  Thanks to everyone else too, Mercykiller and SpawnFT with their maps, Altheus with his helpful comments and valiant attempt at modeling the double barrel in time, Danamo with his graphics, and Sgt Neurosphere with his fierce dedication to the music front.  Thank you so much all of you, it has been awesome working with each and every one of you.  I could go on forever so I'll stop :)

Although you won't see much (any?) of my work in this beta release, I assure you that I am indeed part of this mod. In fact, right now the coop code contains none of my code. I'm usually pretty modest, but I hesitate to say that I didn't do any work rather than any code, as some (several?) of my ideas and suggestions did make it into the coop code that AO has put together. Please do not make any mistake, though, AO is a brilliant coder. He has almost single-handedly put together all of the current coop code, which unfortunately you will not see in this release. He's put in hours of debugging time, and has figured things out in minutes that would have taken me hours. That said, never fear, some of my ugly, bad code will probably work its way into the next release. For the future I have planned a relatively simple modification to the scoring system that's in place now, and assorted stuff to help get the LMS maps working with coop.

My tenure here at Last Man Standing has been quite interesting, and often very entertaining. My colleagues are great, and it has been a blast to map for doom 3. I originally got into LMS after playing fortcomp. To tell you the truth, I was ready to toss doom in the box and sell it on ebay, as I was extremely bored with the game. Playing fortcomp for the first time, I experienced an adrenaline induced fps rush unlike any other. I then decided that I would switch over from mapping for Unreal, to Doom 3. I applied for the lms team, and got on. The transition from UnrealEd to radiant was a hard one, and I have still not fully mastered the new software (must...learn...scripting). In my next map, expect to see a different design philosophy, though. That said, this beta release Is exactly what the name implies: a beta. Co-op is not finished, and neither are some other features that we wished to include in this release. You do, however, have six maps in which you will hopefully experience "the lms rush". Some of our fans have posted about maps with vehicles. Implementing vehicles into our mod would be a long and arduous process, and since our number one coding priority right now is to get co-op working, there are no vehicles in this release. To wrap this all up, I must say thanks to the rest of the team, and hope to have a great modding experience with you going into the future.

- Stephen "MercyKiller" Youts 

The Beta 0.1 release is designed to give a playable example of overall gameplay aspects of our mod. It also allows us to get valuable suggestions from YOU, the players. So if you spot things that are incorrect, broken or buggy please let us know ASAP so we can fix them. Also feel free to make suggestions and gameplay ideas in our forums, the Last Man Standing Team reads all posts and takes each one into consideration when designing new features, so don't hold back.

While this release is solely devoted to the Single Player side of our mod it should give a good representation of what the cooperative gameplay will be like, so any suggestions or tips on how to better improve gameplay for more than one person are surely welcome.

I would like to thank all my fellow team members for having me along on this little adventure. It is an extreme honour to work with such dedicated and creative minds.


Final note:

I hope you enjoy our beta and please feel free to contact us about any problems you have, whether you like it or dislike it, anything.  We'd really like to hear from you :)  Take care.

calimer1 AT yahoo DOT com
IRC  irc.gamesurge.net channel #lms-mod

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