Last Stand

On your way to the main base a sudden earthquake knocked a piece of rock on to your SUV. You get out and pick up your gear...



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On your way to the main base a sudden earthquake knocked a piece of rock on to your SUV. You get out and pick up your gear...


- 2 new weapons (Flak Cannon & Sonic Cannon) - AvP "stranded" type gameplay - 1 new map - 3 modified Doom 3 weapons (Pistol, Shotgun, Chaingun)

The Pistol and Sonic Cannon are semi-automatic weapons. That means you can't hold down the fire button to shoot them. You must hit the fire button each time to shoot.

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Download '' (2.81MB)

Title                   : Last Stand  Mini-Mod for Doom 3
Filename                : (x.x = version #)
Author                  : Stephen Howe
Email Address           : the_Happy_friar <at>
Misc. Author Info       : 
Comments?               : Enjoy the mod!
Additional Credits to   : Brian Harris of id software (he's answered many e-mails for me!)  And everyone else at id for this game!  ZizZ on the PD forums for bein the ONLY person to admit downloading this mod in the first release. :)  Douglas Spotted Eagle for the ultra-low & ultra perfect bass sound for the ship's engines!


* Play Information *

Level Name	        :
Single Player           : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : no
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : No
New Graphics		: Yes
New C++			: No
New Script/DEF		: Yes
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch, modified some scripts, DEF's, materials, sound shaders, & a GUI
Editor(s) used          : the built in map editor in D3, notepad, Photoshop
Known Bugs              : you can load the level through the main menu but it still playes the D3 intro. :)


Unzip to your doom3 folder.  It should automaticly make a /last_stand folder, but if it doesn't put the files in doom3/last_stand.  Load up Doom & select the last stand mod from the mod list.  to run the only level so far you need to go to the console & type 'map last_stand'.

Or.... run the 'last stand.bat' file. :)


*removed tracers from turrents (was a really big FPS hit)
*removed AAS files for monsters from map (thye seem to work better w/o them on thsi map)
*added weapon 'Flak Cannon'.  Automatic weapon that fires 5 flak shells in rapid sucession
* various tweeks
*fixed spawn points in bunker
*fixed mission objective in start of map

v1.0 beta_a
*pistol is now a semi-automatic.  You MUST hit the trigger each time you want to fire it.
*added weapon 'Sonic Cannon'
*many, MANY fixes, changes, updates
*sonic cannon isn't semi-auto.  You MUST hit the trigger each time you want to fire it.

*all new monster spawns
*many changes to 'last_stand'
*updated last_stand.readme

v0.8a (internal release only)
*re-worked 'last_stand' map
*monster spawns partly replaced

*chaingun can now only hold up to 500 rounds.  No more. (ammo in clip + ammo in reload can only = 500)
*chaingun GUI now fits properly
*ammo in chaingun adjusted from 30 to 500 (now you start with a full clip)
*ammo in shotgun adjusted from 4 to 8 (not you start with a full clip)
*completely, 100% bunker in ''.  It has a working door, lights, alarms, turrents on top, ammo storage, etc. :)
*turrents damage, spread, & firerate tweeked
*turrents now ALWAYS look at target instead of looking at them then returning to defalt position to fire, causing tracers to move at odd angles
*all monsters removed from map (Now I am planning the layout of the huge area & wanted the 'clutter' gone).

*shotgun tracers :)
*added two NEW SOUND EVENTS for chaingun!  YIPPIE!
*made the map taller. :)

*the turrents in '' now ONLY fire on baddies in there fire arc. :)  & you don't trigger them, only baddies to.  So, no more going after anyone in range & clipping the wall supports!
*modified chaingun spread ever so slightly...

*added a new 'low ammo' sound to the player mini-gun
*adjusted spread on mini-gun
*attempted to add shotgun tracers (didn't work though)
*less 'Robert Rodriquez' effect on shotgun.  Will fix soon. :)

*mini-gun turrents 'fixed'. They now fire a steady stream of bullets, able to take ANYTHING in their way down.  (hint: do not walk in front of them).  This created another problem: pinkys don't come fastenough.  They are mowed down as soon as they go out in the open.  Also gave the turrent bullets a little more mass
*modified shotgun for a little more spread, less 'shot' & more damage per shot.  This makes the weapon just as lethal, doesn't make it a one hit weapon from med/long range, but still can take out baddies if necessary.
*modified the mini-gun spread a little more.  
*modified ammo_belt (mini-gun ammo) so that you get 500 shots per belt, not 60 (this was to make it more 'realistic.'  it would seem ofbivious that one belt would be a clip in the gun & should be the same )

*got 4 working mini-gun turrents to 'cover' the bunker.  they pretty much suck.  They can't take out pinkys fast enough & are constaltny swarmed. :(
*re-made triggers so I can add extra things later (sounds, particles, etc)

*modified shotgun for no spead & increased slug mass (to give, what I call the, 'Robert Rodriquez' effect. :) Watch the opening scene of 'Desperado' for an idea, or play action quake).
*Increased the fire rate of the mini-gun & reduced it's spread to make it more like the 'Resident Evil 2' mini-gun.  It can now also hold 500 rounds & it gives you a 'low ammo' warning @ 100

*first release: just a map to test infinite spawning

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this mod/level as a base to build additional
levels.  If you want to use something from this, ask.

You MAY distribute this ZIP, provided you include all the origional files, with no modifications.  You may distribte this file online only.  For distributation on a CD/DVD/other physicsl media, please e-mail me & ask.

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