I released the previous version for feedback and help. The one response I did get helped. It involved portals helping frame rates.

It too...


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I released the previous version for feedback and help. The one response I did get helped. It involved portals helping frame rates.

It took me all this time to figure out because the built in editor kept crashing when i used visportals so i finally downloaded Radiant yesterday and fixed them and added a few new fixes last night..

Installation: copy all the files to 'basemaps' At console type 'map learning'.

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Download 'sp_learning_alpha_002.zip' (5.83MB)

Author Mobiusconstruct
bugfix release...

previous versions started with learning1
this is a change....

as before if your running linux the installation differs unless your using cedega(winex)
if thats the case it the same method that windows users use
mac users sorry not sure since my wife wont let me touch her mac and im to cheap to get one..
P.s. if you guys are wondering about the slow release schedule sorry as of today feb-2005
i am father to two infants 3 dogs My father who is disabled and my wife of course
so this leaves me with only 30min to an hour each night for playing like this...

bug fixes....
fixed the doors not opening in unison
'solution---- ad the team parameter  

fixed slower frame rates
'added portals and limited duration of some particle effects'

trigger time not working like I thought it should
'used the delay function in a regular trigger instead'

mover problems
'aparently when using the mobable base model for something lining it up must be perfect..'

parts of the world disapeared, where transparent or showed stuff far away
'portals fixed a lot of this'

some of my bevel textures needed fixed but i couldnt get to them
' figured out h and shift+h hide things so you can select things easier'

additional bugs to the list below

in exam room part of the floor sometimes disapears since i added portal???

need to figure out how to make models disapear or not be seen till triggered.

still realy would like to know how to use the turrets...

below is the old readme including the additonal files list

file sp_learning_alpha_002.zip

files included
 **donst expect alot this is an in alpha level and not much layout or planning this was meant only as experimentation on my 
part on how to map levels.....****

up front ive downloaded every single player map i could find on the internet 
unfortunatly the editor dosnt tell me if its an id texture,model etc.....
so if i inadvertantly used something of yours without giveing proper accolades or credits please
let me know so i can fix this...

second this is my first stab at any such an endeavor so yes lots of it suck and it is an alfa
im releasing it early for two reasons
1. not a lot of maps are being released of late (as crudy as it is i hope it gives some entertainment value till i finish the series of levels

2. ive read a couple of tutorials and cant seem to find the answers to some wierd quirks ive stumbled upon (figured best way to show the exact
error is to let you all see the goods themselves)

*******SPOILERS within here dont read unless you plan on helping or have allready played levels)*******

	a.  learning1  as you enter the exam room  (the one with the hell hell knight getting munched on by the imp) just as you come up to the
door the whole world becomes transparent as if i had textured that area with caulk (cant see any reason for this??)

	b.  learning1   zombie with the headlights...  1st he is eratic so far either the triger hurt dosnt bother him at all as far as being an obstocle
or it does mess him up ???havnt got that one licked yet  2nd rather than do a lot of fancy scripting i just bound the effects to him the problem 
is they remain till his body fades but the body dosnt fade till its been thouroughly gibbed  how do i make it automatically fade on death??

	c.  learning1   lots of lag in some areas that i would consider bleak of detail to help on the lag...  any ideas why?

	d.  learning1   at the curent start location there is a emergency weapons cache with breakable glass  but when you look at it the whole transparent
world problem here two...ive remade that area from scratch several times and even extended the material to make sure no leaks or any thing else???

	e.  learning1   exploding ticks and trites   why do they sometimes explode of their own accord???

	f.  learning1   turrets i havnt found any article on how to use turet monsters  i have turents in the room with the headlight zombies
but they are only the model  my first plan was to have a swarm of them and have them as its first enemy and when finished turn on you so you had to 
scramble for a switch but i cant seem to figure how to set them up the dont follow standard monster principles????

	g.  learning2  mover problem  in the exceedingly gory room with 100 triggers  one of my movers dosnt seem to be working

located in learning2.script it calls for a pentagram to rise up and become visible but it dosnt seem to do this all my other movers work great

i compared this one to them several times and saw no reason for failure...

	h.. you can ignore figured this one out my self...but a timp for others that hit this snag

every time i made a bevel or cylnder patch etc when i was done runing bsp and unselected it it disapeared from the editor viewsbut would shwop up 
properly in the map  this made editing very hard until i figured this one out last night cntl+z was my only recourse simply do a compelete redo
since i couldnt see my errors and fix them..

solution for this ......cntrl+p

all such items apear then..

i realize they need a lot of work and with your help i hope to make something worth the communities time




Windows installation (linux may vary if your using native port or cedega(winex))
\Program Files\Doom3\base\maps 

all files go here....

running the levels....

bring up a console within the game  cntrl+alt=tidle  or with simple console simply hit ~ key

map learning1  'hit enter'

buiild time

9 days  at about 1hr a day...

contact me via my hotmail accout 

name mobiusconstruct   at hotmail .com

One of the sites said not to use the at symbol in my email or it would be flaged as spam so thats why the wierd maner its written in here

I hope to hear your feedback soon

mobiusconstruct  aka the krb-(killer rubber duckie)

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