LMS 3 Addon to Annihilation X

The lms 3 PAK 4 addon to Annhilation X


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The lms 3 PAK 4 addon to Annhilation X

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Download 'ax_lms3_addon.zip' (60.39MB)

This is an LMS 3 add-on pk4 of Annihilation X that my team and I made up specifically for LMS 3. It is not to be used by ANYONE without the consent of the LMS 3 team AND myself.

I had to take out most of the big files becuase they did not work on LMS 3, although i did keep the following files that did work on LMS 3,

PDA playlist



And that's all because it's just a beta now. Same with Annihilation X, but, soon i will have the Final version ready to ship out by sometime next year.

But unfortunately, custom PDA's will not work because lms3 overrides the edited maps i have put them in :(

Disclaimer: If your computer explodes due to the awsomeness of this mod (lms3) then you have failed. Take pictures and send them here [email protected]


Extract the zip to your lms3 folder and have fun. If you want to start a server without the Annihilation X add-on then just simply remove the pk4.


Darth (tester)

Chris (support)

Bear (Skins)

Spunky (Mod leader, programmer, and dumbass...hehehe.)

LMS Dev Team (BEST...COOP...MOD.....EVER!!!!)

Take care and have fun.

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