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i've been looking for a long time for a modification that would provide the best visuals/sound/gameplay for the game, but haven't found it e...

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File Description

i've been looking for a long time for a modification that would provide the best visuals/sound/gameplay for the game, but haven't found it eventually! so i decided to make it by myself; i've tested nearly all DOOM 3 mods out there and picked up the best of them to create the ultimate DOOM 3 mod ever.

Thanks to everyone who supported and unsupported me. A big thank to the authors of all these mods and that they allowed me to use it.

Featured mods:

- RSJRV99 Skinpack (new Skins) - Xiospadvanced Skinpack (new Skins) - Detailed Doom 3 (better Textures) - Doom3 Cubed Mod (different Textures) - Green Tech Mod (Weaponmodifications) - Parallax Mapping (Parallax Mapping) - Poly Modifier (better looking People) - Tweakdoom 3 (Textures) - Ultimate Mod (Lightning Effects) - UEQ Mod (Self Shadowing) - View Mod (Textures) - 1024x1024 Monsters (High Resolution of Monsters) - Relief Mapping (Structure for Textures) - Doom 3 Reborn (Weaponmodifications) - Enhanced Doom 3 (different changes) - Faiakes No Alt Entended (Particle Effects) - GTX Mod (Menu Animations, Bloom Shader) - Heres Johnnys Mod (Sound Modifications) - No Fear Mod (Visual Weapons Effects) - Plasma Radar (Plasma Radar) - Radact (Plasmagun Changes) - Remix (different Changes) - Cold Breath (new Sounds) - Doom 3 Reloaded (new Skins, Light Effects) - Kill Intro (No Intro) - Psychos Mega Mod (Gameplay Changes) - Run (Run) - Technopro Weaponsound (Weapons Sounds) - Mega Soundpack (Sound Changes) - Trent Reznor Sounds (a lot of new Sounds) - Extremus (dynamic Lighting) - Carnage (Explosion Effects) - Boombeta (Weaponmodifications) - Mycelos Weapon Enhancement Mod (different Weapon Changes) - Mega FX Mod (another Weapon Sounds) - New Splash Screen (Hellknight loading Screen) - No Id Humor (a fix nearly on the end of the game) - Cab Codes (all Cab Codes etc.) - UAC Sentry (you can spwan a sentry bot)

Some examples of what has changed:

- The Weapons have the best textures you've ever seen - All Weapons have got Real Metal FX Effect. (Incredible) - The plasmaball morphs the world around on impact - Metal and bottom reflects the Lights - Parallax Mapping for better looking - Realistic Weapon Sounds and lights - Bloom Shader

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  Maximum Graphic Mod >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1.Maximum Graphic Mod
2.Maximum Graphic Mod Readme
3.Copyright Readme
4.DoomConfig.cfg (Hardcore Gamer optimized)
5.Original Readme Documents (Credits)

Author:		sinot
Date:		28.10.05
Version:	1.0

_Important Bindings_

NUMPAD_1 = Flashlight
ENTER = Weaponlights/Flashlight (On/Off)
MOUSE_1 = Fire
MOUSE_2 = Zoom
MOUSEWHEEL = Toggle Weapon
MOUSE_3 (WHEEL) = Reload


Big Thanks

i haven't took everything of the skins, particles, scripts etc. in the mods. Sometimes i just used maybe one skin or something.

(If i have forgotten anybody i'm verry sorry but i think that's everyone / if not email me = sinan.otuz AT


Copy the files into the Doom 3 directory and start the game over the shortcut.

Dont forget to set the Doom 3 path and ultra quality after you started 3mood.

The mod will automatically loaded what you'll see at the hellkngiht loading screen. And then enjoy Doom 3 in an neverseen graphic and sound atmosphere.

Maximum Graphic Mod - made by sinot 

you can email me if you want: sinan.otuz AT

Bloom & Other Editings!.txt

-------------------------------< Bloom Shader >-----------------------------------

You can turn on/off Bloom and scale the Lightstrength in the Console or in the autoexec.cfg.

set r_bloom 3 (standard)		= 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 (0=Bloom off)
set r_bloom_src_mult 1 (Standard)	= no changes needed
set r_bloom_blur_mult 0.5 (Standard)	= 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 til 1

-----------------------------< Spawn Sentry Bot >---------------------------------

You can spawn a sentry bot to your side who follows you through the game:

spawn char_sentry
spawn char_sentry_flashlight

Tip: You can also bind these commands to any key you desire

bind x spawn char_sentry
bind x spawn char_sentry_flashlight

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