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All of you Resurrection of Evil lovers out there now have cause to celebrate! Following up one popular single-player mod [file="764...


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All of you Resurrection of Evil lovers out there now have cause to celebrate! Following up one popular single-player mod Mind-Killer (v1.5e), Dafama2K7 returns once again...this time to make some additional changes to enhance your Doom3 gaming experience. This mod is based on MrBigMr's 2005 release of his original work Mind-Killer (1.5), which was a continuation of his single player modding projects than included Weapon Mod for Soldier of Fortune 2 and Beyond the Call of Duty for Call of Duty.

Some of the features of this version include:

  • RocketLauncher capable of destroying many movable objects, doors, and open them.
  • First reload button can:
    • Open doors
    • Take objects
    • Open/close lights
    • Call elevators
  • Faster PlasmaGun, enjoy this weapon.
  • Off-Set changed in all weapon (Point of View).
  • Way better Shadders.
  • Fixed Sentry, now they are smarter!

This mod's claim to fame was that it doesn't invent the wheel again, it just makes it little better and 'realistic' as possible, but also keeps the game in a playable condition. In other words the game is fun to play and it will give you a challenge. Enjoy Doom3 all over again, and get a feel for a whole new adventure!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'mindkiller_d3xp.zip' (141.23MB)

Doom 3: Mind-Killer NG v. 1.7 by Juuso "Mr. Big Mister" Rautaharju & updated now by Dafama2k7

Created by:
Labyrinth Productions
Juuso "Mr. Big Mister" Rautaharju


Doom 3 v. 1.3 Patch or higher.

1. Instal the mod into your Doom 3 main directory (like c:\games\doom3).
2. Start the mod either via the desktop icon supplied with the mod 
   Or start the game and select Mind-Killer from the mod menu


Legal crap:
Labyrinth Productions takes no responsability for any mental, physical of financial damage caused by this mod. You have been warned.


Special Credits to:
-Trent Reznor for the sounds.
-MWoody for the Plasma Radar.


What is it?:
This is a mod for the Doom 3 Single Player only.
This mod continues my single player modding projects than include Weapon Mod for Soldier of Fortune 2 and Beyond the Call of Duty for Call of Duty. It doesn't invent the wheel again, it just makes it little better and 'realistic' as possible, but also keeps the game in a playable condition. In other words the game is fun to play and it will give you a challenge.


v1.7 Features: (added by Dafama on 31-08-2k7)
-Way better Shadders (GLProgs)
-Fixed Sentry, more smart !
-More MK style, less Unpredictable style, i was too invasive with this mod in the past, fixed.
-RocketLauncher capable of destroying many moveable objects, doors, and open them.
-First reload button can open doors, take objects, open/close lights, call elevators...
-Faster PlasmaGun, enjoy this weapon.
-AutoReloading and faster BFG.
-OffSet changed in all weapon (Point of View).
-Mounted flashlight that can be toggle on/off on pistol, shotgun, machinegun and chainsaw.
-Jumping monsters are smart.

v1.6 Features: (added by Dafama on 14-03-2k7)
-Better Shadders (GLProgs)
-Monsters/zombies can resurrect a limited random number of times (can be toggled off changing some variables that ends in _resurrect_chance to "0.0" in ai_monster_base.script for demons and ai_monster_zombie.script & ai_monster_zombie_base.script for zombies)

v1.5cde Features: (added by Dafama between 24-12-2k6 and 01-02-2k7)
-Better A.I. for monsters/zombies/characters !
-Many things i don't remember now, basically bug fixes & optimizations...

v1.5b Features: (added by Dafama on 23-12-2k6)

-Fixed weapons decals black effect and Radars on BFG & Plasmagun !
-More better and varied zombie resurrection !
-Now, Player can have up to 125 health & 150 armour !
-Player don't gib, they aren't a monster.
-Better particles effects for barrel and tank explosions !
-Made better colored lights on weapons with lights, like machinegun & shotgun.
-Some more moveable objects !

v1.5a Features: (added by Dafama on 23-12-2k6)

-Fixed minor bugs, such as hurt02.tga decal that previously produced black damage on flesh !
-Optimized some zombie scripts and bettered the resurrection of zombies a little bit.
-Fixed flickering lights between weapons that have a mounted flashlight.
-The mounted flaslights from some weapons, now, can cast shadows !
-The g_armorProtection, now, is always fixed at 0.5. (absorbe more damage from impacts, because normally it was at 0.2)
-Small fix to zombie gibbing.
-GLProgs (Shaders) bettered a little bit. (better gfx !)
-Grenade's fuse REALLY lowered down to 3.
-A cople of very small internal fixes.
-Better compatability for ATI gfx cards !

1.5 Features:

-Flashlight on/off switch works through the reload button. Nothing special, but if ID saw fit to give it that function, why not take everything out of it? It also has a nifty new sound.
-Pistol and machinegun have a little more spread.
-Chaingun rate of fire down and when it runs out of ammo, the barrels keep spinning until you release the firing button.
-Plasmarifle has a little slower ROF.
-Grenade fuse down to 3 seconds.
-Grenades can be toggled to maximize their effectiveness.
-New explosion sound effects.
-Modified the firing sounds of most weapons.
-New sound effects for the chainsaw.
-New firing sound effects for the plasmarifle and BFG-9000.
-BFG's and plasmarifle's radars have a nice beeping effects sampled from Aliens.
-Projectiles and explosions create more light.
-Little this and that.


To Do Features:

-On/Off switch for weapons with a Flashlight mounted through the reload button.


Previous Features:

-New skins for Chaingun and Machinegun.
-New GUIs for some weapons.
-Radar for BFG-9000, based on the Plasma Radar.
-New/modified decals.
-Pistol bullets have little spread.
-Changed players rank from "Marine Security" to "Corporal"
-New sounds.
-New effects.
-Redone some weapons.
-Changed some weapons offset on the screen.
-Only explosives gib.
-Weapons have no recoil.
-Weapons are more powerfull.
-Pistol fires semi-auto.
-Pistol, Machinegun and Chaingun use caseless rounds (no shells).
-Shotgun and Machinegun have a tactical light.
-Flashlight is more powerful.
-Machinegun shoots faster and its bullets spread wider.
-Chaingun shoots way faster (about 2500rpm, if I calculated correctly), spreads its bullet wider and since it uses a ammo belt it can have all of its 500 rounds in the magazine at the same time.
-Shotguns pellets spread much tighter, it holds only 5 shells, it shoots little faster and reloads one shell at a time.
-Plasma rifle holds only 25 rounds, its projectiles are faster, they don't spill blood and the ammo counter converted into a radar.
-Grenades bounce less, the fuse is 5 seconds and the grenade will explode if shot at.
-Rockets fly faster and in a long arc.
-Chainsaw, fists and flashlight have little bit more range.
-Chainsaw has double the rate-of-fire and does less damage to compensate. 
-Flashlight and fists no longer have blood flying impact effects on character and they knock things around with less power.
-Fists flesh impact sound effect is the same as the default.
-Implemented the Trent Reznor sound pack into the mod. Used mostly monster sounds.
-Player can jump little higher.
-Revenant fires fast flying rockets instead of slow moving homing missiles.
-Zombies (the stupid ones) take more beating before dying, they won't get extra damage from head shots (no brains, no worries) and they might reanimate if not gibbed.
-Gibs, blood, wallmarks and things of that nature stay longer.
-You can't see the remaining rounds in the clip unless the weapons has an ammo counter on it.
-Enemies do more damage and some of them take more beating.
-Enemies armed with the same weapons as the player do as much damage and the hits won't kick the player around as much.
-Lost Souls and Revenants don't bleed.
-Some new/modified gore effects.
-New tracer effects for Plasma gun and BFG.
-Removed muzzle smoke from weapons.
-Max ammo modified:
*100 shells + 5 on the weapon
*120 bullets + 12 in the weapon
*20 rockets + 5 in the weapon
*200 cells + 25 in the weapon
*20 grenades
*16 BFG cells + 4 in the weapon
*300 machinegun rounds + 60 in the weapon
*500 round chaingun belt


Known issues:
-Flashlights won't be affected by the EMP in Alpha Labs 2 (although I don't think that they ever were).
-Weapon flashlights don't work correctly with mirrors (wow, big deal).
-Sometimes a gibbed zombies head might appear for a moment if you gib the zombie just as it's reanimating. Very rare, don't sweat it.
-Sometimes demons are gibbed by doors, although they shouldn't be. Don't really know why, and it's also so rare that I really don't see any reason to take the time to see what's the problem. 
-Once up, the air gauge won't go away until the next level. Don't know why.


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