Mini Autogauge Shotgun



This is an other skin for the pistol. But its specs have also been modified to make it fire like er... a machine gun! Otherwise, the author describes it as "the bfg's true little brother". I would love to see it in action!




just extract and rename the pak file to your base folder where u have that .

if you already have a pak005 then make it pak006 and so on.

this is the only mod i have really made from scratch but i do recommend a 3 gigahertz processor or higher to run this mod for better game play .

you cant use the flashlight mod with this  mod.

by the way ,i made a new skin for the gun, no longer do we 
have to put up with a detective style revolver hahahahahah.

fixed the clip size to 100, shot gun shells

fixed the amount of projectiles, to 10

fixed the area the shells can reach to about 25 feet with a one shot kill. "not bad"

this has a tight pack of buckshot and is  usually a one hit wonder if u aim for the right places. 

give credit for this amazing mod to draco16mana thats me :p

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