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This is my prefab pack and other utilities for doom 3. You can use this any way you choose, you only have to credit the author if you do....


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This is my prefab pack and other utilities for doom 3. You can use this any way you choose, you only have to credit the author if you do.

Included are:

- a def folder In the def folder are several alternative health and explodable objects. For the larger exploding objects you will need to make a collision brush and make it a func_static and assign that brush as the models clipmodel. All entries will be placed under a new menu in your right click options labeld exhale1 (after the last map I worked on).

- a light folder Just a few light ideas I played with that you might have some use for.

- a texture folder Some of these are necessary for some of the prefabs to look proper.

- a materials folder This has a few example of scrolling textures for the conveyor systems and jump pads; they aren't entirely necassary but it wont look right until you replace them with your own scrolling texture (you can use mine as a base to see how).

- a prefab folder Included are all the prefabs I've ever made. This includes several classes: -- the cheesy ones I first made when I started mapping for the first time -- more advanced ones like jumpads conveyors candelebras etc some have place holder textures (not many) like the keg until I had chosen a more appropriate texture -- some are examples from some of my tutorials at (under level editing---tutorial listings look in the replies, you will see a bunch by my name there Voldemort); these include: target_setinflunce, scriptless rotating doors, func_phantomobjects etc -- the more recent ones include clip brushes to reduce system strain

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Download 'mobiusconstruct_aka_voldemoret_prefabs.rar' (8MB)

also many are just there to speed up mapping
an example of wich would be that all the alphabet textures have been
made into prefabs so you dont have to manually scale and adjust them each
need an e select an e all you have to do is scale the patch mesh
(texture lock is necassary to work properly)
this is found under the main menu
****texture lock
make sure both are checked
a few are scaled way to big (for creating convienece) i simply scaled
them down to my needs everytime (some railings are a good example)

my initial release was to large 38 mbs because of screen shots 
and that had 1/3 as much material so im leaving them out this run

always add one of theese to an empty map initialy so you can see
how everything works on some I gave entity specific names so ther was no
fear of duplicate names
but if my prefab has a trigger_once_1 and you allready have a trigger_once_1
in your map the editor will automatically rename the copy so you will
need to know how everyting links up
if your unsure about how it all links up simply check out my tutorials
at doom3world allmost everything here is covered there

enjoy and have fun

contact info: mobiusconstruct AT

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