Monkey's of DooM



Here's a rather interesting mod from Herr_W. Cartoons? Monkey's? Donuts? What's not to like! Enjoy!



"Herr Ws MONKEYS of DOOM" cartoon-modification for Doom3 (copyright by id Software)

"Donut Island" map, alpha-version (0.1)

Gamedesign by Herr W, commercial use prohibited!

Voice- and music-samples from "The Big Lebowski", german version, copyright by PolyGram Video International.

- Buy the DVD, it's awesome!

How to start the mod: 

1. Unzip donutisland.zip into your "Doom3"-folder (NOT into the "base"-folder)
2. Run Doom3
3. Click on "mods"
4. Doubleclick on "Herr W's MONKEYS of DOOM - Donut Island"
5. Bring down the console by pressing Ctrl + Alt + ~ 
6. Hit the "Backspace" key
7. Type map bb2/di18
8. Hit the "Enter" key
9. Have fun!

A big "THANK YOU" goes to...

6th Venom - for all the great ideas he contributed (espacially that for the cartoon-effect),

Lloyd Markle - it's his cool waterphysics-water the monkeys will toss you in,

d3xp and Daniel Schimmer - for their portalSky,

Brain Trepaning - for THE most entertaining video tutorials ever,

der_ton - for his fine md5-exporter,

BNA!, kat, rich_is_bored, obihb, jizaboz, Rayne, voldemort, BlackArmsShadow, zl1corvette, klonsemann, Manc, rebb, Kristus, Ivan_the_B and all the other nice, helpful people at Doom3World,

The Happy Friar and everyone at PlanetQuake,

the PMods team,

the 800A crew,

everyone at quake.de

and everyone else who had fun with the monkeys so far! 

ACHTUNG: Please report bugs! You surely will find some... 

[email protected]

And keep on visiting...


... for bugfixes, old and new stuff!

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