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This is a very interesting mod and somewhat unusual for a so-called weapons mod. Because it won't make them any more powerful, give them any...


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This is a very interesting mod and somewhat unusual for a so-called weapons mod. Because it won't make them any more powerful, give them any more ammo or otherwise increase the flashlight radius. So, what does it make then? Mainly changing the lighting effect that is associated with them when used, so that you can better apprehend Doom 3's darkened environments.

The following passage extracted from the readme sums up pretty well the author's intention: "With this mod I tried to improve our experience with Doom3 weapons without changing the original balance of the game".

Take a look at the readme below to see the complete list of features.


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With this mod I tried to improve our experience with Doom3 weapons without changing the original balance of the game. There aren't things like flashlights attached to weapons (this game is meant to be played blindly, you should get used to that) and no increases on damage, clip size, ammo amount, fire rate or accuracy. Shotgun spread is the same, you should learn to use it, it's a very short-range weapon, but still the most versatile. These things are already perfectly balanced IMO.

However, this mod can make the game slightly easier due to increased lighting, more target kickback and interruptible weapon reload. The improved light effects can affect your framerate - since this engine suffers when a given surface is being affected by several light sources - but I did my best to balance everything to make the performance impact hardly noticeable. If you are playing this game smoothly at High Quality/800x600, this won't be a concern. At any rate, the currently known tweaks are highly advisable. Refer to:

Believe me, this mod will make you satisfied with the weapons.


- Increased muzzle flash for pistol, machinegun, chaingun and shotgun. This will help a lot to shoot in the dark, specially with the shotgun which now lights the entire room.

- Plasmagun glows blue in the dark, and each projectile emits its own light on nearby surfaces.

- Rockets also light their surroundings.

- BFG projectile light is much greater.

- Improved lighting of explosions.

- Improved target kickback for pistol, machinegun, chaingun and shotgun (without inflicting more damage). Enemies will stop and even backpedal a little when shot, but nothing unrealistic. For some reason enemies lose mass when dead, therefore they will fly a couple of meters when killed with the shotgun. Cacodemons will be pushed back by a great deal due to their reduced mass and no friction.

- New sound samples for shotgun, machinegun and chaingun. Sounds now are 44Khz (unfortunately, sounds on this game are all 22Khz/mono), stereo-broadened (slightly different between channels), equalized for loudness and volume adjusted to suit all other sounds. This alone will make you feel like wielding a powerful machine. The chaingun now sounds sweetly heavy after all.

- Chainsaw engine volume adjusted, idle sound less noisy. Now you can finally hear enemies while wielding it.

- The reload animation for all weapons is interruptible by switching weapons, but except for the shotgun it won't reload at all if you happen to interrupt. Be careful!

- If auto-reload is enabled (default), the weapon will be reloaded when the last round is fired and when you switch to an empty one and try to shoot.

- Shotgun now reloads one round per animation.

- Grenades less bouncy, but they don't act like a stone on the sand like some mods are doing, you can still throw it around corners.

- The grenade don't immediately detonate on target contact for 3 reasons: 1) It detonates on corpses, which is useless; 2) The player can be affected by splash damage if the target is near; 3) This doesn't make any sense. This can make we use the grenade more often, since the enemies are ALWAYS near. You'll be able to drop a grenade among a bunch of enemies and run for cover. You can still force an immediate detonation by holding it longer (3 seconds fuse).

- Zombie gibs only for BFG, plasmagun, rocket launcher (direct impact) and chainsaw.

- Demons' burnaway effect still occurs for all weapons, but each monster body will wait a random interval upto 15 seconds to disappear. Keeping the corpses forever is a bad idea since they hinder the performance (specially when piled), detonate thrown grenades and can affect moveable things like doors and platforms, even forcing you to reload the current level.

- Better physics parameters for moveable objects like cardboxes, chairs, etc.

- Improved light effects for the projectile of some demons (namely imp, cacodemon, mancubus, hellknight and revenant).

- Some gore effects were improved.

- Some new sounds for player death and pain.

- Other little changes that I forgot to mention, but nothing special.


2004.08.23 - 1.00

  - First public release.

2004.08.24 - 1.01

  - Now it installs properly (Sorry, it was a classic first-release bug).

  - Grenades don't detonate on impact anymore, just by fuse expiry.

  - Grenade bounciness tweaked again.

  - Improved gore.

  - Chainsaw idle sound less noisy.


- The sound for the plasmagun reloading plays completely when the reload animation is interrupted (by switching weapons), but the weapon won't be actually reloaded. I've tried to split the sound in two but I don't know how to change the script accordingly, mail me if you figured out a way.

- Now that grenades don't explode on impact, sometimes it "sticks" to some enemies (which is good by a strategic standpoint). This wasn't intentional, and should be a physics engine issue. I've tried but I can't manage to avoid it.

- This is a single-player mod. This wasn't tested with multiplayer at all, but worth a try.


Delete any previous version, if any. Unpack everything inside the main folder of the game (where Doom3.exe lies). So you'll have a folder called "mycelo" into it (e.g. C:\Program Files\Doom3\mycelo). Then start the game and choose it from the "MODS" menu on the main screen, or start the game with the "+set fs_game mycelo" parameter.

When using this mod, all previous savegames will be restarted from the beginning of the current level.


Please send feedback, questions, complaints, bug reports and comments if any to mycelo[a]ig[d]com[d]br, with the subject "DOOM3" (required).


You can use or modify this mod as you like, you can even claim that you did it, I really don't care. I "learned" a lot of things from several other mods. So don't bother me if you think I stole something for you, you made it public and this kind of thing isn't covered by any legislation. Human knowledge belongs to humans.

Use this at your own risk.

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