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The goal of this mod is to make the weapons look, sound and feel more powerful, without any banal modifications like increased damage...


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The goal of this mod is to make the weapons look, sound and feel more powerful, without any banal modifications like increased damage or ammo capacity, which I consider cheating. It's meant to be a collection of several little changes, improving and enabling already existing effects and implementing some new ideas.

And now the features:

- New weapon sounds - New weapon skins - New visual effects - Proximity mines - Remotely-detonated mines - Motion-detection radar - Increased muzzle flash - Semi-automatic chambering pistol - Fire modes for machinegun - Accelerating chaingun - Increased kickback - True Recoil (TM) - Iterruptible reloading

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^^^ Abridged ^^^


This mod provides the same DooM3 single-player experience, which is already memorable out-of-the-box. There's no new levels, no new monsters and no additional weapons. However, this mod alone is a good reason to give this game another try. Some weapons where highly tweaked, but don't expect super-perfect weapons, all new features have drawbacks by design. Flashlight attachments are beyond the scope of this project, since this game is meant to be played blindly.

Although I've tried to keep the original level of difficulty, this mod can make the game slightly easier due to increased lighting, more target kickback, interruptible weapon reload and some new weapon dynamics. The improved light effects can affect your framerate - since this engine suffers when a given surface is being affected by several light sources - but I did my best to balance everything to make the performance impact hardly noticeable. If you are playing this game smoothly at High-Quality/800x600, this won't be a concern. At any rate, the currently known tweaks are highly advisable.


2004.10.11 - 1.05

- Fists alternating randomly, with right hand more often.
- Chaingun remains rotating after ammo depleted (like first Predator movie).
- True recoil for Rocket Laucher, Shotgun and BFG. BFG recoil is proportional to the charge.

- Pistol acts according to these rules:
* It shoots as fast as you click, but never faster than the shoot+recoil animation.
* It can't act as an automatic weapon anymore.
* If you click and hold, it chambers up to 6 bullets, which are fired when you release it.
* The more bullets you chamber, greater will be the spread.
* The more bullets you chamber, slightly powerful will be each one.  

- Handgrenade acts according to these rules:
* If you click and hold, it will be thrown and explode on contact with anything.
* The longer you hold, greater will be its travel speed.
* If you hold it for more than 3 seconds, it explodes killing the player.
* If you click without holding, it rolls on the floor and will act as a proximity or remote mine.
* Proximity mines are activated only when it stops moving, and will keep beeping.
* Proximity mines spring and explode airborne when any character, including the player, pass near it.
* Proximity mines self-destruct after 30 seconds.
* If you press the reload button when Handgrenade is selected, the oldest active proximity mine will be remotely detonated.
* Proximity mines detonate each other when near enough, creating devastating chain reactions.
* If you dispatch more than 5 proximity mines, the oldest active mine will be detonated.
* Handgrenade, when thrown, doesn't switch back to last used weapon anymore (complying the few feedbacks I've received).  

- Included a radar on the plasmagun LCD screen, which shows any moving enemies and NPCs. There's also a discrete beep that indicates if there's something moving, like AvP motion detector. The code and graphics were derivated from MWoody's Plasma Radar mod.
- If you try to reload the machinegun when it's already reloaded, it changes the fire-mode. 'Burst' and 'Sniper' are more accurate and each shoot is more powerful, 50% and 450% respectively. 'Swift' mode has 3x the fire-rate but the more you hold the trigger, greater is the spread and the possibility to jam. Use short bursts.

- Added some weapon skins and bump-mapping from Xio Skin Pack v5.1 (by Xiovex) and Awesome Sauce Mod v1.0 (by eXim Works).
- Increased prox-mine throw distance.
- Chaingun spin speed accelerates while you hold the fire button, varying from 3 shoots/sec up to 12 shoots/sec. However, your average fire-rate won't be far from the original. It's clip size is indeed ridiculous, but I didn't increase it because I don't want super-weapons. Recoil and spread varies according to the fire-rate.

- Removed smoke from chaingun's ejected brass which was eating framerate.
- Fixed charge-dependant effects of BFG, recoil increased.
- Adapted and tested upon DooM3 v1.1


- DooM3 patched to v1.1
- A machine capable of running this game smoothly at least on 800x600 pixels.
- A video-card compliant hardware-wise with DirectX 9 is advisable.
- All visual effects enabled.


- Enemy corpses may rarely act weird when thrown by explosions or shotgun blast. This is not my fault, ragdoll physics of this game aren't the best out there.
- If you're having slowdowns, try out the known tweaks and/or disable projectile lights. In addition, contact me explaining your problem thoroughly, describing your system specs.
- Avoid merging with any other mods, but if you do, make sure both mods don't change the same .def or .script files. Skin, sound and model packs should work.
- Due to code changes, when using this mod or updating its version, all previous savegames will be restarted from the beginning of the current level. To avoid crashes, always load the autosave of the levels that you saved before installing or updating this mod.
- This is a single-player mod, some features may not fully work in multiplayer.
- May not work propery without DooM3 patch v1.1


Unpack everything inside the main folder of the game (where Doom3.exe lies). So you'll have a folder called 'mycelo' into it (e.g. C:\Program Files\Doom3\mycelo). Then start the game and choose it from the 'MODS' menu on the main screen. In addition, you can start the game with the '+set fs_game mycelo' parameter (by editing your shortcut icon target), or opening 'start-mycelo.bat'.

If you want it integrated to your game instead of a stand-alone modification, simply extract the file 'mycelo.pk4' inside the 'base' folder. If you don't want the new skins, delete 'weapon_skins.pk4'.

Don't install upon any previous version. Delete or rename your old mod folder after backing-up your autosaves.

For multiplayer, as far as I know both the server and the client have to have the same exact version of the mod.


Check this out regularly for updates, patches, mirrors, screenshots and more info:


Please post questions, comments, complaints and suggestions to my message board:

Or write to my Gmail account named 'mycelo'.


Martin Woodard, AKA MWoody, for kindly letting me use and modify his awesome Plasma Radar mod.

eXim Works (Awesome Sauce), who let me include some of his creative weapon skins.
eximworks AT gmail DOT com

Xiovex (Xio's Skin Pack), by permitting me to use his topnotch weapon skins and bump-mapping.
xiorath AT gmail DOT com


You can use or modify this mod as you like. I learned and even borrowed a lot of things from several other mods, thus I'm not claiming that everything here is my work. Human knowledge belongs to the humankind.



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