Very weird map that this one. It vaguely looks like a tennis ground in that it is basically made up of a single room split in two. You can only be in one part of it. This impression is further reinforced when you see that you can only pick up hand grenades in there as if your goal consisted in throwing them over the dividing wall to crush the players from the other side!

This idea is interesting on a gameplay perpective but DOOM 3's grenades don't behave enough well for this to work properly. Yep, that would make a funny idea for a mod e.g. "DOOM 3: Tennis Party" lol

This map stands for c0ld_phuz10n's first attempt and because of that I won't rate it. There are indeed some problems with it. At first blush, you will find it way too small, then if you take a closer look at the textures, you will see some oddities as well. Nonetheless, I would like to see a second version of this map in the future!




Title				: nadespam
Date				: 26th September 2004
Author				: c0ld_phuz10n
Email Address			: c0ldphuz10n at gmail dot com
Description			: My first attempt at making a map...less lame maps soon to follow

- Installation -

Extract nadespam.pk4 into doom3/base folder.

- Construction -

Editor used	: the Doom3 editor

- Notes -

Not the most sophisticated map in the world, but who cares, you get to lob nades at each other.
While there really isnt too much to this map it is still frantic nade catchin fun for all.
More snazzy maps are in the works, this was just a test map that ended up being pretty fun to play.

[SDB] That's right!!!

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