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This mod has been designed to enhance the Doom 3 experience. It has not in any way unbalanced the game, as I would consider this cheating. S...


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This mod has been designed to enhance the Doom 3 experience. It has not in any way unbalanced the game, as I would consider this cheating. So, When I have given an advantage in a specific area I would sacrifice something else to compensate (some of the material I used for this was from other mods, most of which are on this site).


Weapon stats: Firing rates on many weapons have been changed along with magazine capacity. E.g. The shotgun now has less spread making it do alot more damage but covering a smaller area, it chambers only 7 rounds but fires slightly faster. Also there is only 9 pellets per cartridge instead of 18 and I feel all these changes have made it more realistic.

Impact effects: Most of the weapons now let off a rather impressive display of sparks when the projectile impacts with something solid (thanks to NO F.E.A.R. mod). In addition to this, wounds have also been enhanced as with the blood and gore effects (Enhanced gore mod).

New skins: Mostly thanks to Mycelo's Mod/Ultimate Doom/classic shotgun, which favor the SMG, Pistol, shotgun and chaingun particularly.

Dynamic lighting: Scared of the dark? You won't be anymore. Light dynamics have been altered for all weapons meaning when you fire it will illuminate the surrounding area, how much depends on the type and calibre of the weapon. For example, the shotgun now lights up the entire room. Also the BFG and Plasma gun emanate a healthy glowing effect (BFG green, Plasma gun Blue). Pistol: Now has a small flashlight built-in; didn't put flashlights on all weapons tho' as Doom is ment to be dark and scarry.

Monsters: Will only disappear if hit by grenade or other explosive type weapon; this gives the game a bloodbath massacre feel when bodies remain to litter the corridors.

Sound effects: What the Hell was ID thinking?!? I have changed all the weapon sound effects to considerably manlier ones. So now, you are in no danger of your enemies laughing at you hysterically when you open fire (mostly mine some from other mods).

I made numerous other tweaks and script changes, but that was at 2 in the morning so i don't really remember details.

Feel free to post Comments as feedback is always appreciated.

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Download '' (18.16MB)

Narcoza's Doom 3 - Enhanced V1.0

- Extract this the pk4 into it's own directory in the doom 3 folder and then copy   you save games folder in there too (which is located in the base directory)    then at the main menu enable then mod

- No known bugs, as for compatabilty I changed a hell of alot of stuff so chances   are it won't work too well with other mods installed .. unless you can edit       mods yourself and keep the parts you want.

I never really intented to realese this mod but a friend said if I was mad if I didn't, so here it is.
Remember, this is to enhance game play not a to make you Uber, wants the point in playing if it no longer presents any challange?


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