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This mod is my attempt at creating entirely new sounds for what I think is the best first-person shooter in the world (it's even better tha...


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This mod is my attempt at creating entirely new sounds for what I think is the best first-person shooter in the world (it's even better than 'Halo', not that I don't like 'Halo' - I do, but you can't customize it the way you can with DOOM 3). In my opinion, I feel these are the sounds that SHOULD have been used by id. Maybe id purposely put in cheap sounds just so they could see who could make the better sounds.

I created most of the sounds myself using my expert mixing skills - you can't even tell some of the sounds were even mixed from other sounds. Some of the sounds I included in this mod are from other mods (such as the pistol's reloading and cocking sounds, which are from the SOF2 Gun Sounds mod, and the shotgun's cocking sounds are from eXim Works' AwesomeSauce mod).

The sounds are also more dynamic, too. id was supposed to fix this problem with their DOOM 3 1.1 patch update - I had to fix that myself. I guess id never figured that out (and it's their own game, too...).

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	New DOOM 3 Sounds & Defs v1.0 by Robert Black

For more info, contact me at: music25 AT telus DOT net

Extract the folder 'New DOOM 3 Sounds & Defs v1.0' to wherever you store your 
mods, such as 'C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\Mods'. Now, there are two folders where 
this readme is located: one contains the PK4 with sounds and defs for the main 
DOOM 3 game, while the other contains RoE-specific sounds and defs. Copy and 
paste the 'pak007' PK4 to the following directory:

	C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\base

You can also copy and paste the 'pak002' PK4 into your 'Resurrection of Evil' 
directory (if you have it installed, that is), like this:

	C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\d3xp

Now you have some new sounds that, in my opinion, are some of the best that have 
been created for any game. Just be sure this is at the very end of the chain of 
PK4's in your directory; otherwise, none of these cool sounds will ever be heard
(and that would be a shame, now, would it).

You can make sure these are at the end by renaming either file to a higher 
number, E.G. if you have one file already named 'pak007', just rename the PK4 to 
the next consecutive number in ascending order, and so on and so forth.


I hope anyone who downloads this mod will appreciate it for all it's worth - in
my opinion, I think this is the best sound mod there is (Trent Reznor's is great,
but I sort of found it to be lacking in a few areas, but that's just my opinion -
don't sue me or make death threats because of what I say). There are more tweaks 
included in this mod, but are too many that I can't remember what I put in there.

You can use this mod any way you like, as long as you mention my name in the 
credits of your mod. In the meantime, I'm busy collecting more sound samples, so
if you like this mod, just e-mail me at the above e-mail address - I'd appreciate
your input on what should go into future versions. Also, if you have some sound 
samplers you'd like me to use, you could also send those in too. I'll try my best
to make future versions of this mod better - you can count on it!

Happy DOOMing!

- R. Black

PS: to Faiakes Extended - if you wish to use these sounds, you have my permission
to use them in your mods, as long as you give me credit for creating them (and 
those modders that are mentioned below):

-Pistol cocking and reloading sounds: credits to SOF2 Gun Sounds mod
-Shotgun cocking sounds: credits to AwesomeSauce mod by eXimWorks
-MG 'low ammo' robotic voice sound, MG & CG reload and use sounds: credits to 
	Fluffy Insanity's D3 Sounds mod
-Hell Knight step sounds and Pinky flesh & metal step sounds: credits to Trent 
	Reznor's Sound Pack
-All other sounds: created exclusively for DOOM 3 by me, utilizing high-quality,
	professional sound-editing tools and my expert mixing skills
-Certain textures and DOOM 3: to id for making one kick-ass game - keep up the
	outstanding work.

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