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This is an intresting weapons mod, and I'm omly going to highlight the most intresting part, which is the fact that rocket and plasma shots...


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This is an intresting weapons mod, and I'm omly going to highlight the most intresting part, which is the fact that rocket and plasma shots bounce off of walls like grenades. I found that this changes the balance of the plasma gun primairly, reminding of the tetrion pulse disruptor from EF. He also modified the fist/flashlight th do oppsite damage. (Now fists do the old flashlight damage and vice versa.)

Good for those of you that like grenade launchers, a good reason to use your fists, or like plasma to bounce off of walls.

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Release date: August somthing.

Didn't want your mod in my mod?
Like the mod?
Got an Idea for the mod?

Email: [email protected]

Web: Sorry, none, but I will be more than happy to reply to any emails!
If you're and Author of a Mod I modded, then when you e-mail me please simply put

If you used (lol) any of MY modifications, please give me some credit. Also an  email! I want to try YOUR mod out!

The Follow changes are ALL done and made by me, nobody else!

1. Changed Flashlight damage from 40 to 20. 
2. Changed Fist Damage from 20 to 40. Now you have a reason to punch em down!
	This change seemed only natural as the flash light doesn't even leave a bodymark anyway.
3. All weapon do not gib. 
4. The only things I modified shotgun wise
	were small and large shotgun ammo packs. I will balance this further but any 
	person's opions would be nice. Check out the Classic Shotgun mod readme for all I included from it.
5. Rocket Launcher "bounce" set to "1". This means the rocket launcher will now bounce off of anything but monsters.
	Think of the Ripper for Unreal Tournament 1. Like that but with a rocket! Also, I have a 1.8 second fuse 
	on it, so it doesn't last forever. It's great when your dead sure there's a enemy around the corner, and
	you can blast enemies into the air sky hight by bouncing a rockey off the floor and having it hit them
	directly from beneth!
6.Rocket Laucher now effected by gravity at a rate of "100". That's about 9.5% as much as the grenades are effected
	by gravity. I got this idea from the "stake gun" in "Painkiller"(A game, not a mod), and makes the weapon 
	require a bit more
	skill. On the other hand, it still bouces, and it makes the RL great because you can now "hug" the floor
	and fire a rocket and let it "skip" (like stones over water) on the ground until it hit's it's target.
7.Plasma gun "bounce" set to "1". This means the plasma blast will bounce off of anything but monsters, like
	the rocket launcher. They last 1.8 seconds before exploding if they don't hit a target.
10. Changed "Shotgun Ammo Small" from "8" to "10".
11. Changed "Shotgun Ammo Big" from "16" to "20".
12. Chaingun Clip now 600(all). I did this because I don't understand how a "chain" gun only holds 60 rounds. This
	also evens out in MP, because it's actually easier to kill someone with the machine gun than the chain
	gun. Giving a gun a spin up and spin down time warrents to me a larger clip.

13. Incoperated the Nitro Gore mod into my game, however I've decided NOT to keep demons. They still disappear.
	This is because they hurt people's frame rate. However, if you are interested on forceing them to stay,
	I have a sub folder in this mod labeled "AAA-Gore". Simply take whatever is in that folder and replace
	the stuff in the current def and script folders. If you don't know how to do that, read the bottom part
	"the email" and don't skip stuff you GOOSE!


More info, readme from the Shogun Mod that is incorperated into my mod.

Classic DOOM shotgun for Doom ]|[
Author:  Edward "Arcanum" Huyer
[email protected]

This is a mod that makes the shotgun in Doom 3 act more like the shotgun in the original Doom, and less like the 
double-barreled shotgun from Doom 2. <------- But that gun rocked!

The rate of fire of the shotgun is increased significantly, and the pellet spread is reduced from a 22(!) degree 
cone to a 7 degree cone.  To help keep the weapon balanced, the number of pellets the shotgun fires is reduced to 
7 from 13, and the reload time is doubled (one shell is loaded per reload animation instead of two).  Zombies can 
readily be killed in one good hit, or 2-3 average hits (depending on zombie type), while it usually takes 2-3 
solid body hits to take down an imp, though a good headshot will take them down in one. <------ Or a body shot.

The shotgun zombies also had their shotguns tweaked to act more like yours in terms of spread (damage is 
unchanged).  (Interestingly, their shotguns already fired 7 pellets in a 5 degree cone.  They now fire them 
in a 7 degree cone.)

I wonder why he didn't take into account the hell level where your starved for ammo, and practicly your only way of
killing a few Hell Nights is to up to them and unload? No matter. With the extra 2 shells in a small pack, and extra
4 shells in a large pack, it should make up the difference.

English Version of the Nitro Gore Patch mod.


+ increased amount of gore and blood a bit
+ removed &quot;burnaway&quot; and &quot;vaporization&quot; effect <---------In the original NGP mod, NOT my mod!
+ fixed a small bug in the PDA of 'Mark T. Caseon'


+ removed pk4 version because of MP bugs <-------- I have no idea. Never tried this online before.  MP code is blah.
+ Player now bleeds if attacked (Singleplayer)
+ increased amount of Cyberdemon's blood a bit
+ some small bugfixes


- extract content into your Doom3 directory
- run Nitro_Doom.bat OR run Doom 3 and activate the modification manually

Ā© 2004 by *Nitro* Parasite & Zaturi


From :  Tor Torden <[email protected]> 
Sent :  August 11, 2004 10:10:02 AM 
To :  &quot;Alex Petrunak&quot; <[email protected]> 
Subject :  Re: What do you use too mod? 
  |  |  | Inbox  
Look here There realy isn't much to it,
the pk4 files are realy just standard zip archives renamed for the doomIII
engine, I just open them using winrar. (but in theory any zip program should
work, even the one native to xp.) you can download the winrar archiver here (if you don't already have it.)
then it's just a matter of poking around, all the files in my pk4. file are
either def's or scripts, wich you can open and edit by just using notepad (Best
text tool ever.)
all the rest is poking around. (worst case scenario you reinstall d3.) 


Not my words:

As i am finding in all mods for doom 3, the save games are a bit scewed up with this...
Unfortunetly the only way to solve it that i know is to after playing the game and exiting
Go to the Bloodymessfolder and go into save games, then copy and paste it to the normal
doom 3\base folder save games. 



As required by the DOOM 3 Limited Use Software License Agreement,
this mod operates only with the Software (but not any demo, test, 
or other version of the Software).  Its contents does not infringe
against any third-party right or is libelous, defamatory, obscene,
false, misleading, or otherwise illegal or unlawful.  The mod will
not be downloaded, shipped, transferred, exported, or re exported 
into any country in violation of the United States Export 
Administration Act (or any other law governing such matters) by 
anyone, and one will not utilize and will not authorize anyone to 
utilize the mod in any other manner in violation of any applicable 
law.  The mod shall not be downloaded or otherwise exported or 
re exported into (or to a national or resident of) any country 
to which the United States has embargoed goods or to anyone or 
into any country who/that are prohibited, by applicable law, 
from receiving such property.  People shall not rent, sell, 
lease, lend, offer on a pay-per-play basis, or otherwise commercially 
exploit or commercially distribute the mod.  People are permitted 
to distribute, without any cost or charge, the mod only to other
end-users so long as such distribution is not infringing against 
any third-party right and otherwise is not illegal or unlawful.


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