Ninja Tournament

Ninja Tournament is a sword fighting simulation for the doom3 engine. Player movement is controlled by the keyboard and the swordposition is...


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Ninja Tournament is a sword fighting simulation for the doom3 engine. Player movement is controlled by the keyboard and the swordposition is directly controlled by mouse movements.

As with any sword, the quality of the weapon is the most important factor (just remember what a Hatori Hanzo sword can do...), so, you should take proper care to select your weapon (i.e. the mouse), as bad weapons either don't have a good grip, or don't react very well to quick swings...

Also, if you want to excel at swordfighting, you should learn to maximize your skill: a good swing with the katana involves speed, acuracy and the proper movement direction.

In the singleplayer game, two maps are included in the current release. In both maps you need to fight against a series of monsters that spawn into the tournament.

For most up-to-date information about this mod visit:


- dynamic sword fighting simulation with full control over sword movement using the mouse - singleplayer and multiplayer game modes - two maps: "The Pit" and Maxim's "Toxic Arena" - tough challenges to proof (or disproof) your fencing skills - ninja character from DungeonDoom (visit the our sister site for news on this Action RPG)

Standard controls:

- W: forward - S: step back - A: sidestep with turning left - D: sidestep with turning right

- mouse x axis: vertical sword movements - mouse y axis: horizontal sword movements

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Download '' (21.24MB)

     	         Ninja Tournament 1.0    2/25/06
 	   Leif Dehmelt -- leif AT


System requirements:

Doom 1.3 (download the newest patch from


 - Copy ninja_tournament directory to your Doom 3 directory
 - Double-click ninja_tournament.bat to start
 - Click SINGLEPLAYER and select the desired map to play 


To run as server:
 - open the console and type si_pure 0
 - open the multiplayer tab and click 'Create Server'
 - select the desired map

To run as Client:
 - open the multiplayer tab and click 'Find Multiplayer Game'
 - select a game running Ninja Tournament




Additional Credits:

Toxic Arena map - Maxim


Note to developers:

Drop me a line (leif AT if you wish to 
contribute. Maps, monsters, AI or animations are welcome.


This archive may be freely distributed as is without 
removing or editing of any of the contents. If you want to 
include any of the contents of this mod in your own work,
you have to contact me first. The contents of this archive
is provided as is. I do not take responsibility for any 
damage that may result, either directly or indirectly, from 
this mod.

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