NoMercy's FlashLight Mod



This mod allows players to see the actual flashlight mounted on the weapon instead of a light apearing out of nowhere. It adds the flashlight to the pistol, the shotgun and the machinegun.

This mod was going to be much bigger but I just have no time to finish it so I just released it as is. You are free to use this in your own mods I don't care as long as you credit me and let me know your using it, you don't have to ask, just let me know.

If you would like a flashlight added to another weapon let me know, I will see what I can do.



NoMercy's FlashLight mod v1.0-a modified version of DuctTape mod

Place the NoMercy-FlashlightMod folder in your Doom3 Directory, NOT your doom3 base folder. Run Doom3 and go to mods and run NoMercy-FlashlightMod.

Place the nmflm001.pk4 in your Doom3\d3xp folder Do not place the NoMercy-FlashlightMod folder,DO NOT go to mods like in Doom3,ROE is technically a mod., just the pk4 file.  Please note that in ROE when going to play online you must remove the the nmflm001.pk4 from the d3xp folder.  And just place it back if you wan't to play singleplayer, if anyone has a better method please let me know. 
I do not suggest playing this mod in muiltiplayer, for 2 reasons: It will ruin the gameplay and in thirdperson view the light is at a different angle. I also don't suggest playing this in thirdperson view.

On the pistol, the flashlight's flare is slightly lower than the flash light model itself. It looks very odd.