This well-shaped mod currently consists of a handful of scripts that essentially affects the game's weapons. Amongst the interesting feature...


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This well-shaped mod currently consists of a handful of scripts that essentially affects the game's weapons. Amongst the interesting features, we find the flashlight that gets coupled with most of the weapons, a burst effect when you use the pistol and hand-grenades that henceforth follow physics rules more realistically.

Offworld v0.2 is just in its inception. Storyline and custom contents will be added to it in the next iterations.


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Offworld, v0.2
readme document

Current changes & instructions:
Machinegun, Shotgun, Chaingun, Plasmagun, Rocket Launcher, and BFG:
 - To activate the flashlight; press the Reload key while your clip is full (or you have no ammo to reload with)
 - The flashlight weapon attachment will not be off if you switch weapons, unless it is off before it is switched.
 - Turning off the hand flashlight will not turn off weapon flashlights.
 - The flashlight will not work on the pistol.
 - To activate burst mode; press the Reload key while your clip is full (or you have no ammo to reload with)
  If you want to activate burst mode under the circumstance of having a non-full clip, and ammo to reload with, press the reload key, then the fire key immediately afterwards.
      (Note: Possible reload time / rapid fire exploit here, will review later)
Hand Grenades:
 - Hand grenades now follow the laws of physics in a more realistic manner ( gravity, yes I know it's on mars, assuming gravity regulators..).
 - Now firing more powerful rounds, in a 99 round clip, with greater combat performance.

Development Progress Report
This is a simple script and effects modification as of now.
As soon as the Doom 3 SDK is released, I will begin far heavier and efficient modifications.

I've put together a storyline for the mod, and will be in need of much manpower to forsee my mod to it's completion.

Currently, I can fill the positions required to develop the mod in it's infancy by myself; modeling, audio manipulation, and programming.
I'm not the best artist, so I am looking for anyone who can work with textures - expirience in skinning.
I am, however, also looking for modelers, audiophiles, servers, donators, corperate sponsors, and others who are willing to submit themselves to my selfish desires.
If you have some expirience in the fields of physics, quantum physics, microbiology, nanotechnology, or cryptology, I am genuinly interested in your input and advice, as I would like to make this fictional mod as realistic in it's environment as possible.

The story for Offworld is currently under massive revision and whatnot, but I can give a quick outline...
Firstly, the Doom 3 origional campeign will undergo massive gameplay and AI improvements - but remain a very solo expirience.
Next, a campeign based heavily around AI teammates, resource management, cooperation (multiplayer), and roleplaying will unfold around you as a single part of one of many groups of non-official UAC paramilitary employees - short and sweet, a mercenary. Many new gameplay elements will be introduced, such as pressurization (not just gravity), falling 3 feet and sprinting 20 yards won't make you wheeze fatigue, drugs, man - stim packs, medicinal goods chemical, biological, and read; cyborg stuff electrical/mechanical self-enhancements, in-game computers that are directly with mouse AND keyboard interfacable, and in some cases (not a required part of the campeign) think turrets, routers, cameras, meters, etc programmable, and an environment in which you can drasticly change the path of the story, which can mold your teammates AI whom you will be able to bring with you into multiplayer after the end of the campeign, in either physically your teammate, or as an advisor/overseer/monitor - as expirienced in the singleplayer campeign on solo or near-solo parts various ways.

Also, choosing a difficulty level will greatly influence the path of gameplay, with greater sentimental rewards for completion.

You can currently contact me by 2 mediums;
	AOL Instant Messenger; s7atic2
	Email: s7atic at s7atic dot kicks-ass dot net
For the sake of all that is holy and unspammed, please, do not post this email address on any website as a direct link!
'Special precautions' and various tricks have been used to make this 'visual representation' safe against link-grabbing and text-hunting spam-bots.

Development Notes:
Need server to host and test multiplayer.
Hope pistol burst works in multiplayer well as is, animation wise.
Doubt flashlights on weapons will work in multiplayer.
Currently only tested in singleplayer or in server by myself.
Not compatible with other weapon mods.
IS COMPATIBLE with radeon performance tweaks, and parallax mapping.

Release Notes:
v0.2 - First external release
 . Reduced (for all practical reasons, removed) Chaingun spin-up time.
 . Increased clip in Chaingun to 99 rounds.
 . Increased Chaingun stop-spin delay, so it's easier to resume fire, at the tradeoff of noise.
 . Excuse to fire chaingun slow; very large, heavy, heat generating rounds - would destroy a single barrel.
v0.1 - First external release
 . Pistol has been given togglable burst ability.
 . Machinegun, Shotgun, Chaingun, Plasmagun, Rocket Launcher, and BFG have flashlight.
        (To be changed to alternate abilities for the BFG, and Rocket Launcher)
 . Damage tweak on pistol, machinegun, shotgun, plasmagun, and rocket launcher.
 . Rockets travel faster.
 . Plasmagun has lower rate of fire, more powerful, projectiles move faster, projectiles also have very light area of effect, and knock stuff back.
 . Hand grenades altered to conform to earthen physics.
 . Flashlight on weapons tracks on/off status during switching - seperate from normal flashlight.

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