OpenCoop is a coop mod for Doom 3 supporting all Single-Player levels. OpenCoop supports up to four players and enhances the original Doom 3 game in several ways. The original network code has been reworked, so that the game is playable over the internet. All levels have been tweaked for cooperative gameplay, so that even complex scripted sequences will be handled correctly, making it a fun and challenging experience. Further releases will include a new gamemode and new levels.

05.03.2k6 Update -- OpenCoop Map Pack ready for download; it includes 29 maps created by Doomi (In Hell), Warmachine (Teh_Base), The Slayer (P.A.R.S.) and Zombi (Final_Key). You may download it from this page.

What's new:

We added a bunch of new features: new gamemode, cinematics updated, new scoreboard, q4 style network code, new monster synchronisation code, etc. See for yourself:

- A new gamemode: Respawning is now limited. You are only allowed to respawn, if enough health is in a common healthpool. The healthpool gets filled, if other players pick up health. When respawning you get the health in the healthpool. Furthermore all the items are now limited and respawn once per player. The weapons have been finally set to the singleplayer setup.

- Updated maps: Thanks to your bug reports and Klonsemanns fixes the following maps have been updated: mc_underground, monorail, hell1, delta2a, delta2b, delta3, delta5, cpu, cpuboss, site3, hellhole, alphalabs2 and recycling2

- A polished mainmenu: The mainmenu has a new color theme and now displays all the custom maps installed plus a few information about them. This is truly to pay tribute to their authors. These maps will be released shortly.

- Cinematics updated: Cinematics were already working great in the last versions but we did some enhancements for your pleasure. The camera synchronisation has been recoded completely, so that it won't hitch anymore when switching between cuts. In previous versions the cinematics just started when one player connected. Now cinematics will wait until all players are ingame, so they can watch the cinematics synchroniously. If you think you have watched the cinematics too many times you can abort them and continue with normal gameplay. NOTE: This feature is currently in testing and considered as BETA and therefore only available to the server player.

- Hud changes: To support our new gamemode we have changed the scoreboard. The scoreboard now displays the health of all players as well as the healthpool. It enhances cooperative teamplay, because you are now able to look at the current health state of your teammates to support them even more. Finally the objective screens are displayed correctly now.

- Network Traffic enhancements: YESSS, we did it. We were able to move some of the Quake4 Network Code over to Doom 3. This was a great challenge and took some time, but it results in a better online gaming experience.

- AI enhancements: The network synchronisation code for monsters has been completely recoded and requires less traffic now. All animation events are transmitted in a compact manner so all players will see the exact same animations as the server player. Because of the compact representation we were able to completely disable clientside running of monster script, which boosts the performance. In previous games the AI was biased towards the server player. This has changed and the AI will select its closest target. We also fixed some bugs present in the AI projectile code which caused the game to crash.

- A visually complete guardian: All those effects previously missing for the guardian on the client are now in and ready. The light beams from the guardian seekers are now visible on the client as well as the lightning and the light glow from the guardian.

- A set of small changes: Small details were fixed as well. The BFG beams won't affect other players anymore if teamdamage is disabled. We fixed small bugs/added features for the entities 'target_give' and 'trigger_once', the console command 'give' is available in multiplayer now (if cheats are enabled).

- OpenCoop 1.0 Features included: Are you new to OpenCoop ? Check out the feature list of OpenCoop 1.0.


OpenCoop 1.1 FAQ http://www.d3opencoop.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5

OpenCoop 1.1 Install Instructions http://www.d3opencoop.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4

OpenCoop 1.1 Bugtracker http://www.d3opencoop.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=203

OpenCoop 1.1 Screenshots http://mods.moddb.com/6902/image-gallery/OpenCoop


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