Parallax Mapping Mod v1.0



Parallax Mapping Mod enhances Doom3's graphics engine by applying parallax mapping to all textures. Parallax mapping, also known as virtual displacement mapping, is a recent graphical technology that gives surfaces more depth and realism. Using a heavily modified vertex and pixel shader and a mix of custom and simulated height maps, this mod makes surfaces look more three-dimensional by offsetting bumps depending on your view. Although you may not see an obvious difference right away, look closely at surfaces and you will see an improvement compared to original Doom3. Most bumps will look like they're actually sticking out. This mod also works in user-made levels that have custom textures, and a tutorial is included to describe how to add optional height maps to your level for a true parallax effect.

NOTE: This mod requires at least a Radeon 9500 or GeForce FX




      Parallax Mapping Mod v1.0

   a Doom3 modification by Junkguy


Author: Junkguy

Release date: August 14, 2004

Other Doom3 mods by this author: Ungibbable, Cel Shader

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.junkguy.tk


Parallax Mapping Mod is a modification for Doom3's graphics engine.  
It improves all of the game's bump maps by applying a technology
known as parallax mapping, which gives surfaces more depth and 

Parallax mapping is also known as virtual displacement mapping or
offset mapping.  This technology, featured in the upcoming Unreal
Engine 3 and Serious Engine 2, makes bump mapped textures look 
more 3D by offsetting the bumps depending on your view.

With this mod, parallax mapping is applied to all textures in the 
game by using a heavily modified vertex and pixel shader.  Many 
of Doom3's bump map textures have been manually modifed with custom 
height information to produce a true parallax effect. All other 
textures use simulated parallax 

This mod also works in custom levels that may contain custom textures.
A tutorial is included that explains how to create custom textures 
that make the most of the parallax mapping
 technology offered in 
this mod.

NOTE: This mod requires at least a Radeon 9500 or GeForce FX


- If you have any other shader mods installed, remove them first
- Put pak_Parallax.pk4 into Doom 3\base
- Start Doom 3, and the mod will be on

Technical Notes:

- Use HIGH or ULTRA settings with this mod, otherwise the custom
    parallax height maps will not be used, and simulated parallax
    mapping will be used for everything.

- Make sure you turn on SPECULAR and BUMP MAPS

- All custom bump maps in user-made levels will automatically have 
 parallax mapping.  If you want to make your own textures
    take advantage of true parallax mapping, please read the included

Author's Notes:

- You may not notice any obvious parallax effects immediately.  Look 
    closely at bump mapped textures and notice how they change depending 
 your viewing 
location.  Most bumps will look like they're actually 
    sticking out, but some textures are more obvious than others.
    Try using default Doom3 to compare and you will see a difference.
- This mod uses a custom shader and custom textures that I made.  
    I did NOT simply turn on a setting in the engine.


- This mod requires a Radeon 9500 or GeForce FX or above
- This mod is compatible with most other mods, except those 
    that modify the main shader
- This mod works in multiplayer, but only if all other players are 
    using it too


---> You may *NOT* use any part of this mod, its coding, or its 
contents for your own mod or level without my permission.

You may distribute this mod, provided you include this readme
file and all the contents of the original zip file, with NO
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format as long as you include this file intact, with NO charge
(other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).

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