Performance Tweak Guide



So its finally here. So lets get started! I will break it up into Nvidia users and ATi users tweaks because Nvidia cards can't really be tweaked and ATi cards can because of their crappy OpenGL. If you have a low-end Nvidia card or ATi card, and want to see mroe performance, i will give you some, but you must remember, your card is low-end and always will be.

All Users Tweak:

Yes yes, i know, everyone has done tihs but ill include it anyway. Move the pk000.pk4-pk004.pk4 to a different folder other than the base and then extract all the files in each pk to the base folder. The msot common tweak around. This will definetely boost everyones performance and stop stuttering a little.

To show your FPS in-game open up the console by using CTRL + ALT + ~ and type "com_showfps 1" withut quotes of course :)



Doom 3 Performance Tweak Guide!
Author: rsjrv99 or Ross_J
Email: rossjarvis AT gmail DOT com

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