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This mod lets you spawn in any monster as your 'pet'.


- Pets will attack your enemies on sight...


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This mod lets you spawn in any monster as your 'pet'.


- Pets will attack your enemies on sight. - You can command pets to move to a position, attack, or follow/stay. - Pets can carry flashlights or have mounted lights. - Pets can be teleported to a new location if they become stuck. - You can check your pets status by placed the crosshair over them. - If your pet is an Archvile, you can command it to respawn your pets, and respawn dead enemies to become new pets.

What's new:

- Tweaked alot of things (doesnt seem like it), fixed some bugs. - Added more petsdefs... - Added Archvile respawning abilities (not quite done)


- The AI is really simple and may seem stupid at times - In single-player maps, your pet may not follow or become blocked (Monster Clip) - Sometimes pets seem like they won't listen to your commands (Because of monster clip) - Flying monsters (Lost Soul, Cacodemon) will not follow you properly - Archvile animations get messed up.

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Monster Pet/Buddy Mod (Beta 2.2) - Ultima669

-------	Installation -------
1. Make a new folder in your Doom 3 directory named petmod (ex. ...doom3/petmod)
2. Extract all the files in the zip file that new directory
3. Load the mod and play the game!

There is a Autoexec.cfg included in the zip file that will automatically load pet_config.cfg.
if you already have an Autoexec.cfg file, then just include 'exec pet_config.cfg' in one of the 
lines. you can also type 'exec pet_config.cfg' in the console whenever the game loads. 

-------	Usage -------
1. Open any map or play a single player game (partially supported [teleporting]).
2. if you want the monster to be your pet then spawn them with the 'team' key set 
to '0' or just spawn a monster with 'pet_' in front of their name.
example b:	spawn monster_demon_imp team 0
		spawn monster_zombie_fat team 0
		spawn army_zsec_plasma team 0
		spawn pet_revenant
------- Commanding Pets -------

NOTE: you can set the commands to any key by changing them in 'pet_config.cfg' file

B - Select a pet and command it to move, attack, follow, or stay
V - Command all pets to move or attack
N - Teleports all pets to a new location

press B to select a pet. press B again on the selected pet and it will toggle the follow command.
After selecting a pet, press B to move to a position, or press B on an enemy (really you can target anyone)
and it will attack it. 

*** ARCHVILE ***
If the selected pet is an archvile, and you select a dead pet, the archvile will respawn it.
if you select a dead enemy, the archvile will make it your new pet. 

press V to command all pets to attack somebody or to move to a certain position. *If you want them
all to follow you, point downwards and press V.

If your pets get stuck somewhere or cannot follow you (ei. if you climb a ladder) you can
teleport all your pets to a new location by pressing N. 

You can still tell your pet to follow and stay by 'talking' to them.

------- Cvars -------

pet_infight 		- if true then you can command your pets to attack each other
pet_noLights 		- if true, pets will not spawn with light attachments
pet_lightNoShadows 	- if true, pet lights will not cast shadows
pet_showHealthPct	- if true, pet display will show health in percent form
pet_infoNoColor 	- if true, pet info will not have color

------- Pets -------

You can really have any monster as your pet, just set the team to 0

------- Army -------
These are variations of the normal ZSec monsters and are much stronger


-------	Fixed Bugs -------
-BETA 2.1
+ Sometimes pets will attack you or other pets.
+ When you have alot of pets, some may not teleport until the there is enough room.

-BETA 1 - 2.0
+ If you shoot your pet it may attack you or wander aimlessly depending on what monster it is
+ If 'pet_infight' is true, and you command a pet to attack itself, it will

NOTE: This mod is still far from done.
Some features are unfinished, I will be fixing them whenever I have time.

-------	History -------

BETA2.1	+ Added 'All Follow' command.
	+ Add more pets (Bernie, ZsecMachinegun, Zombie Sawyer, Commando..)
	+ Changed the HUD to keep track of your pets (looks ugly: still working on it)
	- Added teleport command
	- Fixed up some things (again) 

BETA1 	- Initial Beta Release
	- Cleaned up some things, and added the ability to command your pets

-------	Misc -------

I didn't want the archvile to automatically respawn pets (or automatically make dead enemies your pets) because I figured that if the player had an unwanted pet, the archvile would stupidly keep respawning it.

------- Thanks  ------- - for hosting this file!
ID Software - for making Doom 3

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