PiLauncher is a free tool you could use to list the mods you installed on your favourite games. It will also be useful if you want to keep an eye on the fresh news about modding.

Supported games:

- BF1942 - BFVietnam - BF2 - CnC Generals - CnC Generals: Zero Hour - Doom3 - FarCry - Half-Life - Half-Life 2 - Quake 3 - Quake 4 - Serious Sam 2nd Encounter - UT2004 - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

More will come in the next release. If you want a game to be added, just talk about it on our Website.

Why does PiLauncher need your firewall to accept it? - To download the news - To send some statistics that will be useful later on, and which will be available on pilauncher.pmods.net

By the way, we don't send your personal information such as IP address.




Name : 	PiLauncher
Version : PiLauncher 0.91b

Author : Necrophage ( necrophage AT pmods.net )
Design : Wraxe

Website : http://pilauncher.pmods.net

Installation : 
 - Just run the Install_PiLauncher_09b.exe
 - Choose your destination folder
 - The installer will create program groups and desktop icon

In case of you don't have it, just install the Framework .NET 2.0

Quick Launch :
 - The menu 'News' will show you the last news written by PMods
 - The menu 'Modlist' will list every game you have
	* If PiLauncher hasn't been able to detect one of your game, 
	you'll be able to do it there
	* Select your Game and click on the Modlist button to show up
	the list of mods installed on this game
	* Click on Play to launch a mod
 - The menu 'Config' will help you to configure your PiLauncher
	* Select the period of news refreshing
	* Proxy configuration
	* ...
 - The menu 'Infos' will show you who are behind this projet
	* You'll find links there to contact us
	* You'll find links to report bugs

Credits :
 - Thanks to you who have downloaded my soft
 - A big smack to all the modders making games better and offering us
something new
 - Thanks to Wraxe ( http://www.pmods.net ) for his help on the design
 - Thanks to G.Unit from http://www.nofrag.com for his icons he 
allowed me to use
 - Thanks to Todd Davis ( toddhd AT hotmail.com ) for its IniFile class

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