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Here is one of the little gizmos I have included in my upcoming mod pack DOOM...


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Here is one of the little gizmos I have included in my upcoming mod pack DOOM 3 Ultima. It's the advanced spectre pinky. Pinky's attack rate increased as well as It's health. 600 health and 20 melee damage.

What makes it so special you ask? Whenever it sustains any type of injury from an explosion or being shot or whatever it will turn invisible (like predator) and run towards you. Then right when It's in your face it will change back to normal with a well placed hit. Comes complete with sound effects (the old sound effects for the wraith) for cloaking in and out. Based off the spectre skin by Ultima669. I merely added a little innovation to it with the help of Rich and PBMax.

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Download 'new_pinky_spectre.pk4' (607KB)

With the help of Rich and pbmax from, I managed to modify the Pinky demon's AI script to make it a spectre.  WTF is a spectre you ask?  Basically the Pinky demon will come on stage perfectly normal.  Not any noticeable changes.  You start blasting away at it.  But wait wtf where did it go?  Suddenly it randomly appears in your face and starts chomping away at you.  The spectre makes the pinky demon go camouflage (predator style where it blends in with It's surroundings and is almost completely invisible) when it comes under fire.  From now on whenever the Pinky demon sustains ANY injury it will mask itself so it will be almost impossible to see.  Then right when It's in your face and begins attacking it changes back to normal.  This really adds to the scare factor since you will be frantically jumping around the room trying to figure out where it is and then it suddenly appears right in your face with a well placed bite!  Makes for the perfect effect in dim lit rooms.  Pinky demon is now extremely dangerous.  On top of the cloaking effect, it now has 600 health and melee damage has been increased from 12 to 20!  But you usually only face them 1 on 1 so don't worry...too much ;).  The spectre effect can be applied to any monster since the skin is universal.  If you want to know how to modify this mod to be applicable on a different monster, poke around in the files and get familiar with the technique.  Or if you get stuck, contact me at: 

FireDemon666_XII AT


This mod was colaborated and developed by FireDemon666 along with the GENEROUS help of rich and pbmax.  The skin credit goes to Ultima669.  Thank you for allowing me to use your work.  For any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.


You may freely use this mod in your own release as long as you do two simple things:

1 - Be sure to give credit where it is due to the original authors.

2 - Send me a brief E-Mail explaining what you plan on using it in.  I would like to know how it being used.

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